How Much Time Does it take to Add/Activate New Beneficiary in SBI?

If you don’t know how long is it going to take for activating a new beneficiary in SBI then, here is a complete detailed guide.

SBI or the State Bank of India is the most preferable government bank functioning across the country. It does happen that we hold an account where we save our money, but due to certain unusual issues, we lose our life, and then the money is wasted. But banking services manage to continue the account and the saved money is easily used by the family members or any beneficiary whom the customer resists under the banking rules and regulations.

The beneficiary is a process of registering your heir to use the same money that is into the customer’s account after the customer’s death or any health issues. The beneficiary is going to help with passing assets to the heirs and is just simple to get registered legally to the bank account.

For this, it’s important that the account holder provides details and documents relating to the beneficiary and then it becomes easy on the part of SBI bank to add the beneficiary name to the account holder after verification. 

How to Add/Activate New Beneficiaries in SBI Online?

Adding beneficiaries to the SBI account would take less time. But the major time is related to the approval and confirmation from the higher authority and RBI.

Here comes the step-by-step process of how the beneficiary is added to the SBI account and how it gets activated. 

  • For adding the beneficiary account to the SBI accounts, it is necessary to first log in to the SBI online. 
  • Next access to the internet banking account. After logging in, the beneficiary account will be added to the SBI account. For the next one need to visit the site and click on the “my account and my profile” tab. 
  • Click on the add and manage beneficiary option. Then enter the profile password and submit the option. 
  • Enter the profile password and then submit the option. The next page will appear and there will be multiple options for adding the beneficiary to the SBI account. 
  • Do click on the appropriate options. Next click on the beneficiary link in your account. The option will be asked to take on in the beneficiary account. 
  • Even other bank accounts can be added to your beneficiary linked to the beneficiary accounts. 

If it’s a new beneficiary that is approved between 6.00 am to 9.00 pm IST, then it will be activated within the same day or within 4 hours of application. But if the period is above the mentioned time, then it will get approved on the next day after 8.00 AM. Its also important to know that, during the first 4 days of the activation of the beneficiary process, one can only transfer the total amount of rupees 500000. Most important is the security which needs to be strong enough to avoid fraud and online thefts. For this, the SBI beneficiary process is generating OTP or a one-time password which is received between 6.00 am to 8.00 pm. 


The online process to activate a new beneficiary in SBI is quite easy and safe. So the customers and users can easily do it without moving to the SBI branch.

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