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Name and date of birth constitute the essential demographic information that the applicant provides for Aadhaar enrolment. The applicant requires providing the correct name and date of birth in Aadhaar with document proofs for authentication.

Sometimes, a single document proof can use for the authentication of both the fields but, in other cases, different documents need to be submitted during enrolment.

How to Check Aadhar Card Status By Name and Date of Birth?

You can check the Aadhaar card status online or retrieve forgotten or lost UID/EID by using your name and date of birth. But no such provision has been yet introduced by the government for checking online Aadhaar status whether it has been generated or not.

Name and date of birth deliver a unique identity to an individual since birth but it requires documents such as passport, voter identification card, or other government documents as proof in Aadhaar.

Steps to Find out Status of Aadhar Card

There are no such methods available to check Aadhaar card status by name, date of birth, and pin code. So, you can get the status of Aadhaar by using the Enrolment Id only at uidai.gov.in official portal.

The following are detailed steps on how to know the status of your Aadhaar card after you raise a request for change/update.

  • Visit the official website at UIDAI.gov.in.
  • Go to the “My Aadhaar” section and click on the “Check Aadhaar Status” link.
  • Now Enter your “Enrolment Id” in the provided field.
  • Type the right character which you can see in the right side picture.
  • Click on the “Check Status” button after filling in the above details.

Using your name and date of birth, you can get your enrolment details in case you lost your acknowledgment slip or forgot your Enrolment ID. This enrolment ID can help you in depicting the Aadhaar card generation status in front of you with a few clicks.

Aadhar Card Status Check by Pin Code

PIN code is the acronym of Postal Index Number, referring to the code of a specific area in the post office numbering.

  • PIN code considers as the code system that India Post uses for indicating regions in India. 
  • It comprises six digits involving the first digit as zone, the second digit as subzone and the third digit in combination with the previous two digits as the code for sorting district within that zone. Ending three digits indicates the individual post offices assigned in that district. 
  • In Aadhaar, Pin code considers one of the significant demographic details of an individual. It signifies the applicant’s area when entered in Aadhaar and using which you can avail of different services. 

Pin code cannot help individuals in tracking Aadhaar status but it can provide support in retrieving lost or forgotten enrolment details. Using pin code, you can get your enrolment details on registered mobile numbers through the UIDAI website.


However, UIDAI has not yet made provisions that you can get your Aadhaar card status using area PIN code, Name, Date of Birth & Mobile number. Other than this, pin code can use for other provisions including download of regular or masked Aadhaar online. It would be a good recommendation to UIDAI that checking the Aadhaar card status using a pin code would add more convenience to individuals.

If you want to know more about Aadhaar Status and for the answer to your queries, here are certain frequently asked questions and answers for your ready reference.

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