SBI Credit Card Statement

Credit Card Statement is simply the bill you need to pay for the month. It has the details of all the purchases made in a given month and bills paid including the EMIs active on the card and the rewards credited to the card.

To sum it up, SBI Credit Card Statement contains everything you did to use your card. SBI sends its customers these statements every month so that they stay updated. Even then, If you want to view and download your SBI credit card statement at any time during the month you can follow the following.

How to Check SBI Credit Card Statement Online?

  • Check the official website of the State Bank of India at
  • Login with the help of the registered ID and password to your SBI Card account, if you are a first-time user then you can click that option and register yourself on the website. There is a demo video available for registration and login.
  • You can check that video out from the website itself. Amongst the list of options available there’s also an option for forgotten passwords, you can use this option to recover your account and set a new password.
  • But it is highly recommended that you note your password in a place from where you can access it anytime in case you forget it. Also, keep it safe from the access of unwanted people.
  • Once you successfully log in to your SBI Card account, go to the menu. From the menu select the option “My Account”.
  • When you click on the “My Account”  option, a drop-down menu will open displaying multiple options. The first and foremost option there will be a “Card Statement”. Click on this option.
  • Clicking this option will display your complete SBI Credit Card Statement online. You will find the amount due, which is to be paid along with the date on which it is pending. Not only this your Credit Card Statement will contain all the details of expenses incurred using the Credit Card.
  • On the same page only, a blue-colored download button will appear. You can simply click on the button to download the SBI Credit Card Statement online.

Important Note:

Your SBI Credit Card Statement is sent to the registered email ID every month. If you are unable to receive it register your account on the internet banking portal.

Raise a complaint in SBI, If you find any issues while you are checking or download credit card statements online.

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