Lien Amount SBI: What Does it Mean & How to Clear Lien Amount?

Being an SBI account holder, you must be informed about the lien amount. This article offers the meaning of lien amount in SBI, circumstances when the State Bank of India can lien your amount along with the resolution of the lien amount

SBI and other financial and banking institutions use “lien amount” many times. The bank itself holds the right to exercise a lien on your account balance. However, you can resolve this lien and use your funds as and whenever you desire.

Lien Amount Meaning in SBI

Lien refers to “lock” and in SBI, lien amount stands for the amount that has been locked by the bank. It means that the bank has frozen the funds for a particular period. The bank can put either the entire balance or a part of this balance on hold. You lose the eligibility to withdraw this lien amount or utilize it for whatsoever reason till the bank removes the lock.

When the lien amount will be credited

SBI or other banks can never put a lien on your account balance without any valid reason. If you ever see charged mark as a lien amount in your account and you are unaware of the reason, then you must go through the following lists of circumstances:

  • Failure in the repayment of loan EMI.
  • Failure in complying with the account minimum balance requirements.
  • Due to some error in bank software (automatic resolution in such a case).
  • Deposition of fixed deposit/term deposits as security for the loan.
  • When the bank realizes the amount used for some unlawful or illegal activities.
  • Failure in tax payment.
  • Issues related to bank drafts or cheques.

How to Remove Lien Amount in SBI Online?

You can lift the lien from your amount by making a payment of the required amount.

The bank will lift the lien once the settlements have been completed regarding liabilities. You can also enjoy this additional fund for any purpose. In case of failure in liabilities settlement, you should go to the nearby SBI branch and ask for lien lifting.

A frozen account balance may stop you from doing necessary activities. Therefore, in order to avoid trouble, you should always make sure to keep adequate amounts enough for lien prevention.

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