How to Register/Change Mobile Number in SBI?

Having your mobile number registered with your SBI account gives you a plethora of benefits. With technological advancements, State Bank of India (SBI) has facilitated its customers with mobile services related to an account. We have discussed some vital methods in this article that help SBI customers to register as well as change mobile number in your SBI account.change mobile number in SBI

Being an SBI customer, you are primarily required for registering your current mobile number. It is necessary for the financial security of your SBI account since you become immediately informed about unauthorized transactions. Also, you can avail of services including mobile banking and internet banking on your mobile phone without visiting SBI bank.

Register Your Mobile Number

During account opening, if you do not get your mobile number registered in SBI, you can do it afterward. You can either visit the SBI ATM or SBI home branch where you have opened an account for the same.

  • Fill the form at the SBI home branch and provide a correct mobile number you wish to register.
  • Swipe your SBI Card at the ATM kiosk; choose the “Mobile number registration” option and insert a mobile number for registration.

You will have four different methods to make confirmation of changing the mobile number in SBI.

  1. Via the Internet Banking
  2. Through ATM
  3. Approval by OTP on both mobile numbers (new and old)
  4. Contacting the bank

Change Mobile Number in SBI Online

Use internet banking

  • Log in to your SBI account by going to the SBI Net banking website
  • Tap the “Login” button and then “Continue to Login”.
  • Insert your Username and Password along with CAPTCHA given as image or audio (as suitable for you).
  • Tap on the “Profile” icon on the top horizontal lane and select the hyperlink “Personal Details”.
  • Enter your SBI account password, click on “Submit” and then “Change Mobile Number (Through Branch)”.
  • Click on “Create New Request”, provide your new mobile number to be updated and re-enter it for confirmation.
  • You will see a pop-up message on the screen. Just click on the option “OK” for confirming the new mobile number.

Through ATM

Visit SBI account profile < Select “Change Mobile Number” < Get 10-digit INB Reference number on new mobile number < Choose “Internet Banking Request Approval through ATM” (IRATA) < Visit any SBI ATM branch < Choose “Other Services” < Click “Authorize”.

By OTP on new as well as old mobile number

Send SMS “ACTIVATE <8-digit OTP> <13-digit reference number>” within 4 hours from both numbers to 567676. You will receive a message on a new mobile number once successful validation of reference number and OTP is done.

Via SBI Contact Center

Receive a message on a new number mentioning a reference number. The bank will call you within the following 3 days. Confirm your reference number with the operator and then provide personal details. You will receive a confirmation message on your new number.

Update Your Mobile Number Through SBI ATM

  • Swipe your SBI Card at the SBI ATM machine and Choose the “Registration” option.
  • Provide correct ATM PIN and choose “Update Mobile Number”.
  • Confirm your old as well as new mobile number by filling in the designated fields.
  • You will receive OTPs on both the numbers.

As you become aware, do not delay in registering or revising your mobile number in SBI account. It is evident that the convenience and safety of customers’ personal information and finance is the SBI bank’s primacy.

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