About Us

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My name is Rohit Dangar and I am the founder of bankr.in. For a long time, I had worked as a blogger after that I started my team. My writers do full research for writing the content for every website. They are fully skilled and passionate about their work. For every website, I always hire an expert writer in a particular subject. As for BankR I have selected writers who had previous experience in the banking domain, who can easily understand the banking process and do good research and gather useful content for our readers.

All the information available on this website all are obtained from deep research we do no promote false information. This all the information is taken from the official website of banks some are from banking articles and Wikipedia.

Below I have introduced my writer who is proactively researching and writing content for this website.

Manal Sayed

A passionate writer, an avid reader, a lifelong learner with an ongoing curiosity to learn new things. She uses that curiosity combined with her experience to write. Her love lies in everything artistic. She believes in first principle thinking and incorporates the same in her writing.

Shikha Jamwal

She is our best, most experienced, and well-versed content writer. She has been working with me since I started my blogging career. She has got experience in multiple domains but her knowledge regarding banking is commendable. Her curiosity to keep learning makes her the best writer.

Sakshi Khandelwal

Her name is Sakshi. She has 2-years of experience in the banking sector and 3+ years of experience in content researching or writing. She works with an ongoing curiosity and owns good research skills.


Lovely has spent the past 5 years building money making blogs. A full-time content writer and blogger who specializes in writing about banking. She has been working with me for a long time. She is extremely passionate about her work.