How-to Link LPG Customer ID with SBI Bank Account Online in 2024?

LPG subsidy has been launched by the Government of India for the benefit of citizens. Today, most household consumers use this subsidy.

However, you are required to link LPG customer ID with the SBI account using an online platform. This article is useful for the customers as it will provide sufficient information of:

  • Linking LPG Customer ID with SBI account
  • How to get LPG Customer ID

Link LPG Customer ID with SBI Bank Account Online

Linking your LPG customer ID with SBI online bank account is an effortless procedure. You can get benefits from linking the SBI account with LPG ID. By doing so, you become eligible to enjoy the benefits of the LPG subsidy. Make sure you have your LPG customer ID when undertaking this procedure otherwise you will not be able to link LPG ID with SBI account.

Follow this simple guideline for linking your SBI account online with LPG customer ID:

  • Open SBI net banking website and login into your SBI account. Enter a username, password, and Captcha using the image shown on the screen.
  • Check the left side of the screen and choose the option “Link LPG Customer ID” to link LPG customer ID with the SBI account.
  • Provide you the necessary information, for instance, transaction account number, mobile number, and 17 digits LPG Customer ID.
  • Select the “Submit” option to proceed further. You will receive an OTP on your registered mobile number.
  • Enter the OTP code in the designated field for verification.    

How to get LPG Customer ID

LPG Customer ID is necessary for availing LPG subsidy benefits. If you do not know your LPG ID, use the following procedure to get your LPG customer ID: 

Bharat Gas LPG Customer ID Link with SBI Account

  • Visit the official Bharat Gas website and select “MyLPG”.
  • Tap the icon “Find your 17-digit LPG ID” and fill in details either in Quick Search or Normal Search.
  • Enter the security code as the text displayed, in the designated field and click on Proceed.
  • Get your 17-digit LPG customer ID.

HP Gas LPG Customer ID Link With SBI Bank Account

  • Go to the HP Gas website and choose the option “Find your 17-digit LPG ID”.
  • You can choose either Quick Search or Normal Search and fill in details such as state, district, Consumer no., and HP Gas Distributor.
  • Enter the security code as given on the screen and tap the “Proceed” button.
  • You will receive a 17-digit LPG customer ID on the screen.

Indane Gas LPG Customer ID Link to SBI

  • Go to Indane Gas official website using the link and choose “How I Do” from the left panel under Customer Console.
  • Choose the option “Find 17 digit LPG ID” and enter necessary details such as mobile number, distributor name, state, district, Indane distributor, and consumer name.
  • Type Captcha given as text on the screen and click the “Proceed” option.
  • Your 17 digit LPG customer ID will display on your screen.

Raise a complaint in SBI online, If you are facing any issues while linking LPG id to SBI account online then,

Final Words

The procedure to link LPG customer ID with the SBI account online is straightforward. It simply includes visiting the SBI online website and providing your 17-digit LPG Customer ID. 

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