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Aadhaar delivers an identification and residential proof for an individual holding the same. A 12-digit random number is assigned to an individual and uniqueness reflects in Aadhaar through the de-duplication process of biometric and demographic details.

These details include name, surname, date of birth, permanent residential address, mobile number, gender, fingerprint, facial photograph, and applicant’s iris.

You can face certain life events or other situations where these details can be changed more than one or two times.

However, the date of birth is the informatics field that can remain unchanged, no matter what the situation is. Therefore, UIDAI prescribes changing these details as much as you want but there is a limit prescribed on changing the date of birth in Aadhaar.

Why People Change Date of Birth in Aadhar Card?

Birth is a one-time event for any individual living on this planet. Therefore, it is evident that the date of birth never changes at any cost and it remains the same for the lifetime of an individual.

If you want to change the date of birth in the Aadhar card online, UIDAI will accept only when there is misprinting in writing DOB in Aadhaar at the enrolment time.

However, everyone should aware that incorrect dates of birth in Aadhaar may lead to numerous problems. It is because, in many instances, Aadhaar card is used as an age proof document. Valid Date of Birth in Aadhaar extends the validity and authentication of the same that enables you to avail of specific benefits and government schemes.

How to Change Date of Birth in Aadhar Card?

As in other cases, Date of birth update in Aadhaar can be done through offline methods. The latest amendments of UIDAI have directed that only addresses can be updated online through the Self Service Update Portal of UIDAI.

For date of birth, you are required to either visiting the Aadhaar Enrolment/Update Center or sending required self-attested documents and correction forms to the regional office of UIDAI. Guide yourself regarding how to change the date of birth in Aadhaar using the following procedures.

Locate Your Nearest Enrolment/Update Center

If you are not aware of your nearest Aadhaar Enrolment/Update Center, UIDAI has made it a more convenient and less time-consuming activity to find the same.

  • Open the homepage of UIDAI at https://www.uidai.gov.in/.
  • Select Locate and Enrolment Center under the section “My Aadhaar”.

Visit the Enrolment Center

Clicking on the option will redirect you to a new page wherein you are required to search for the Enrolment/Update Center in your respective zone.

Use any of the mentioned mode- State, Postal Code or Search Box; and enter the captcha which will present you information about your nearest Permanent Enrolment Center.

Make a personal visit to the center along with the required documents. Make sure you possess original documents during the correction process.

Correction Form Filling

The executive will provide you a correction form, remember that you fill every required field with due diligence. Fill the correct date of birth and make a review of the entire form and specifically the date of birth before submission to the executive.

Biometric Authentication

The executive will take the document proof for date of birth, correction form and an original physical copy of Aadhaar card. Allow the executive to take your biometric information for identity verification by providing him with original documents. The executive will give these documents back to you after completing the document scanning process.

Providing Acknowledgement slip

For the correction form, you are required to make a payment of INR 50 (inclusive of all taxes) to the executive. Bear in your mind that UIDAI has set this payment limit and no executive has the authority to impose higher charges. The executive will provide you an acknowledgment slip as proof of the update process at the enrolment center. This slip cites a URN (Update Request Number) useful for online tracking of the Aadhaar update status.

Change Aadhaar Card Date of Birth Via Post

Another method was introduced by UIDAI in which instead of visiting any enrolment center, you have to send documents to the regional office of UIDAI. Use these steps sequentially for getting your date of birth updated in Aadhaar.

Download Aadhaar Correction Form

  • Go to the official UIDAI website at https://www.uidai.gov.in  and download the correction form.
  • Click on “My Aadhaar” and select the Aadhaar Enrolment/Update Form from Downloads.

Fill The Correction Form

Correction form will be downloaded in PDF. Take a printout of this downloaded correction form and make sure you fill every required field attentively with the correct date of birth and other information.

Self-Attested Documents

A document becomes self-attested when it is signed by the applicant itself. You are required to self-attest your correction form and document proof of date of birth.

Send via Post

Self-attested correction form and supporting document should be sent to the UIDAI regional office through speed post. You can locate the address by visiting the UIDAI website and find the UIDAI regional office in your respective zone.

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Documents Required to Change/Update Date of Birth

To change Date of birth, you are required document proof for identity authentication by the executive or UIDAI. The complete list of Proof of DOB (date of birth) is provided on the website, but let’s have a look at some of these document proofs here.

  • Passport
  • PAN Card
  • Birth Certificate
  • Head of School issued Extracts of School records mentioning Name, Photograph and Date of Birth
  • SSLC Certificate/Book
  • Government Board/University issued Mark sheet
  • State/Central Pension Payment Order
  • Identity Certificate granted by Employees’ Provident Fund Organization mentioning Name, Photograph and Date of Birth on UIDAI standard certificate format to Aadhaar enroll/update
  • PSU issued Photo Identity Card/Government Photo Identity Card mentioning DOB

How to Check Aadhaar Update Status Online

UIDAI delivers the provision of checking the status of Aadhaar update online if you are an Aadhaar holder.

  • You can simply visit the official UIDAI website.
  • Now go to “Check Aadhaar Update Status” to proceed with checking the status of the date of birth update in Aadhaar.
  • Enter your Enrolment ID that contains 14 digits of enrolment number in the format of 1234/12345/12345 and 14 digits of enrolment date and time in DD/MM/YYYY hh:mm: ss format.
  • You can find your Enrolment ID on the acknowledgment slip provided by the executive.

In summary, it can be said that checking the Aadhaar update status is an uncomplicated procedure undertaken via the UIDAI portal.

Download Aadhar Card Online

You can download Aadhaar online after completing the date of the birth update process.

  • Visit the UIDAI official website by entering https://uidai.gov.in/.
  • Go to My Aadhaar for directed to “Download Aadhaar” or “Retrieve Lost Forgotten UID/EID” page as per the chosen method.

There are different ways using which you can download e-Aadhaar after date of birth update. You can online download updated Aadhaar using the name and date of birth, mobile number, enrolment ID, Aadhaar number, and others. It is necessary to register your mobile number in Aadhaar since it makes the download process more convenient for you.


Aadhaar has become one of the crucial documents for an Indian individual. UIDAI has offered different services in relation to Aadhaar such as making updates and downloading e-Aadhaar. However, recent notifications signify the inability of making updates in Aadhaar through the online platform of the Self Service Update Portal except for the address.

You are not authorized to make updates in Aadhaar regarding the date of birth and name and other details. For avoiding interruption in availing benefits, you are required to keep your Aadhaar card updated.

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