E-Aadhar Card Download by [EID] Enrollment Number Online

Aadhaar consists of 12 digits termed as an Aadhaar number that is granted to all registered people individually. Supreme Court has passed on a judgment making it mandatory to link your Aadhaar with your PAN, to apply for a new PAN card, or to quote the Aadhaar number in your Income Tax Returns. Eligibility of availing government subsidies, scholarships, and welfare schemes become valid when you are an Aadhaar holder. 

Initially, you were required to visit Aadhaar centers, wait in a long queue for your turn, transfer from the counter to others, and then get registration for Aadhaar. The Government of India decided to bid goodbye to such struggles a few years back with the introduction of an online platform for Aadhaar registration, download, or other related services through the UIDAI website.

Download e-Aadhaar Card by Enrollment Number

Downloading Aadhaar using the online platform can be done for numerous reasons. If you have lost your physical Aadhaar Card or you have not received it after enrolment, then you can download an e-Aadhaar online for use wherever you want.

You can download using different processes based on name, date of birth, enrolment number, Aadhaar number, or mobile number and their adoption depend on the information available or convenience. Using the following steps, you will get your Aadhaar downloaded online using the Enrolment number within a few minutes.

Get the Enrolment Slip Handy

To download an e-Aadhaar card by using the enrolment number, you require to have an enrolment slip handy that contains critical information for the Aadhaar such as EID and date & time.

Having knowledge of or keeping an enrolment slip handy will assist in shortening the whole process of Aadhaar online downloading.

Open the Website of UIDAI

The aadhaar application and download facilities are available on its official website named UIDAI.

You have to visit the website www.uidai.gov.in for initiating the process of downloading your Aadhaar.

Opening the website will provide you with different options where you can get information about Aadhaar and its related services.

Locate the “Download Aadhaar” Option

On the home page, click on the “My Aadhaar” head, and a list of different windows will appear in the dropbox. 

Locate the option “Download Aadhaar” under the “Get Aadhaar” head and click on it.

Clicking on the option will redirect you to a new page.

Fill out the Required Information

This new page contains designated fields of available information (Aadhaar number, Virtual ID or Enrolment ID) and Captcha verification. 

Select Enrolment ID and input 14 digits Enrolment number and 14 digits Date-Time in the designated sections.

Ensure to fill in the enrolment number and date-time information the same as mentioned in the Enrolment slip you possess. 

Also, enter the provided captcha in the designated section.

Enter OTP

On the same page, you require selecting either “Enter a TOTP” or “Send OTP” based on your convenience. 

If you possess a TOTP, then enter TOTP in the required field after clicking the option “Enter a TOTP”. 

In another case, if you do not have a TOTP, request an OTP by clicking on “Send OTP”. 

This will provide you with an OTP on the registered mobile number. 

Clicking on either option will redirect you to a new page where you require filling in OTP or TOTP.

Download Aadhaar

After redirecting to a new page and filling in the required information, you should complete a survey that the website provides for the purpose of enhancing services. 

This survey completion will lead you to select “Verify and Download” which will initiate the downloading process of Aadhaar.

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Retrieve Lost or Forgotten UID/EID

This process provides you an opportunity to download Aadhaar using the enrolment number which you can get from the enrolment slip. But there may be chances when you are deprived of enrolment information or acknowledgment slip, then also you can download Aadhaar online. The following process will assist you in receiving enrolment details for enabling you to download your Aadhaar online. 

  1. Go to “My Aadhaar” and select “Retrieve Lost or Forgotten UID/EID” under the head Aadhaar “Services”.
  2. Select the option “Enrolment ID (EID)” and enter details including full name and email address or mobile number.
  3. Enter the captcha in the Captcha Verification and select “Send OTP”. 
  4. Enter the OTP sent to the registered mobile number and click on “Verify OTP”.
  5. OTP verification will send a message to your mobile number stating enrolment details.

Masked Aadhaar Card Download Process

Masked Aadhaar involves all the significant information such as name, address, photo, and virtual ID. You can see only the last four digits of the Aadhaar number visible and the rest of the digits are indicated with the sign “X”. As an instance, you will see the Aadhaar number on the masked Aadhaar as “XXXX XXXX 1592”.

UIDAI has offered all the registered individuals who are Aadhaar holders to avail of the benefit of downloading masked Aadhaar for the safety purpose of the Aadhaar card.

A simple process has been introduced by UIDAI to download Masked Aadhaar that serves the same purpose as Aadhaar Card. When you visit the official website of UIDAI, follow these steps and you will get your masked Aadhaar downloaded conveniently. 

Go to My Aadhaar → Choose Download Aadhaar → Enter the necessary details → select “I want a Masked Aadhaar” → Select “Send OTP” or “Enter a TOTP” → “Fill the TOTP or OTP” → Fill the survey → Choose “Verify and Download“.

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What is the password to open Aadhaar Card PDF After Download

Password-protected PDF receives when you download Aadhaar online from the UIDAI website. It means that there is a password in the file and you have to enter the password to open the same.

The website automatically generates the password which constitutes 8 characters of letters and numbers. Use your name and date of birth registered in your Aadhaar or mentioned in the enrolment receipt. The merger of the initial four letters of your name in CAPITAL and the date of birth in the YYYY format is the resulting password for the Aadhaar PDF.

If your name is LOVELY SINGH and your date of birth is October 31, 1994, then the password will be LOVE1994.


UIDAI is the acronym for the Unique Identification Authority of India signifying a statutory authority responsible for managing the Aadhaar project. But, it is also true that not everyone is aware of the process of downloading an e-Aadhaar card by using [EID] Enrolment number online.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

I do not have an enrolment number available to me. How can I retrieve my enrolment number?

You are required to visit the website of UIDAI where you will find the option “Retrieve Lost or Forgotten UID/EID”. There, you can select “Enrolment ID” and fill in your name and mobile number or email address. When you Enter OTP, It will require verification and after this, The system will send a text message to the registered mobile number. 

Which app is the most suitable for downloading e-Aadhaar?

Apart from the UIDAI website, you can install the mAadhaar app for downloading Aadhaar on your smartphone. In this app, you can add a maximum of 3 profiles. 

Can we trust masked Aadhaar for different purposes and what is the key purpose of masked Aadhaar?

Masked Aadhaar plays the same role as Aadhaar or e-Aadhaar. The key purpose of a masked Aadhaar is to provide more security and safety to your Aadhaar card. Use masked Aadhaar anywhere and this document can sometimes replace other documents as well. 

What is the information using which I can download my e-Aadhaar?

You can download an e-Aadhaar from the official website of UIDAI using your mobile number, enrolment number, name, date of birth, and Aadhaar number.  

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