[Updating] How to Change Name/Surname in Aadhar Card After Marriage

The government of India has integrated a universal biometric ID system used across the country with individuality. Aadhaar has gained enormous popularity all over the world as the largest biometric ID system. Assignment of a 12-digit unique identification code to all the registered individuals.

It has become mandatory for everyone residing in India whether a newborn or old-aged individual, poor or rich. This card constitutes your biometric (fingerprints, facial photograph, and retina) and demographic information (name, address, mobile number, and date of birth, etc.).

You hold the provision of updating these details as and when required. You can change your name/surname in the Aadhaar card after marriage.

Who is Required to Change Name/Surname in Aadhaar Card After Marriage?

Marriage considers one of the most crucial and auspicious events of an individual’s life. It uncovers a new chapter in the life of newlyweds.

In India, there is a universal tradition of affixing the husband’s surname to the wife’s name. It simply means that a woman adds in her name, the title of the man with whom she tied a knot and entered into a marriage relationship.

However, it is just a choice to add your man’s title in your name after marriage as a generality. No one can force a woman to do so.

The act of adding a man’s title has been quite prevalent for a few years in India and legal addition requires updating in document proofs such as Aadhaar card and others.

There may be two cases of changing woman’s name after marriage:

  • Replacing your original surname with a man’s surname
  • Adding your man’s name and surname with your original name

(Important Note: Remember that adding your man’s title in your name is a personal choice and no one holds the authority to forcefully do so.)

Methods to Change Surname in Aadhar card After Marriage

Since it is a personal choice, not only a woman but the man may also opt to add her woman’s title in his name. With the trouble-free procedure, you can now easily make changes to your surname in Aadhaar.

UIDAI allows doing so by making a personal visit to the Aadhaar Update/Enrolment Center with specific documents as proofs. UIDAI does not offer any online method for changing or updating surnames in Aadhaar after marriage.

Make yourself aware of how to change surname in Aadhaar after marriage with the given process.

  1. Using the official UIDAI website, locate your nearest Aadhaar Enrolment/Update Center using Postal Code, State, or Search Box.
  2. With the resulting alternatives, find your nearest center and make a personal visit with certain document proofs.
  3. The executive at the Enrolment Center will demand the Aadhaar number to which you need to ensure to provide the correct number.
  4. Then, the executive will provide you with the Aadhaar Update Form, make sure you fill in the required information with due diligence.
  5. Hand over all the required original document proofs with the filled form to the executive when asked.
  6. The enrollment center will undertake identification authentication by taking your biometric details and feeding them accordingly.
  7. You will get your original document proofs back once the executive completes the document scanning process. 
  8. The executive will hand over you an acknowledgment slip containing URN or acknowledgment number at the completion of the application process.
  9. At the final stage, You have to pay an amount of INR 50 inclusive of taxes to the executive present at the enrolment center.

The main purpose of URN is to facilitate the applicant with the provision of tracking the Aadhaar update status online by visiting UIDAI website.

Documents Required to Update Surname in Aadhaar Card

The updated surname in the Aadhaar card does not come without documentation. This procedure requires the submission of certain documents. While proceeding with the addition of the husband’s surname, you have to visit the enrolment center.

Firstly, documentary proof of marriage is the mandatory requirement to be fulfilled by the applicant. It means that proving marriage is the primary step in the document verification process after which you need to submit documents for name proof.

Here is the long list of what documents require verification for authentication.

  • Marriage certificate
  • Document issued by the Marriage registrar containing the marriage proof
  • A legal name change certificate
  • PAN Card
  • Passport
  • Voter Identification Card
  • Government-issued photo identification cards
  • Applicant’s Driving license
  • Residing Address card containing the photo and name of the applicant was originally issued by the Department of Posts
  • A government-issued disability identification card or a handicapped medical certificate
  • NREGS Job Card
  • Ration card
  • Pensioner’s Photo Card
  • Tehsildar or Gazetted Officer issued identity certificate mentioning applicant’s photo on a proper letterhead

There is a huge list of identity proofs that you can use as supporting documents for changing surnames after marriage.

To update the surname in Aadhaar after marriage, Proof of Identity (POI) and Proof of Address (POA) are mandatory for the document verification.

A complete list of documents for POI and POA is available conveniently on the official UIDAI website.

Check Aadhaar Card Update Status Online

Status tracking of requested updates in Aadhaar has been introduced by the UIDAI in the form of a convenient manner. When the executive hands over you the acknowledgment slip having the Update Request Number, it clearly implies the provision of tracking the Aadhaar update status.

  • Visit the official portal of UIDAI.
  • Select Check Aadhaar Update Status where you will get the update status.
  • Input your Enrolment ID and Captcha in the designated sections.
  • Enter the OTP/TOTP received on your registered mobile number.
  • In case, your mobile number is not linked with your Aadhaar, do it from here.

UIDAI has provided most of the conveniences and facilities to Indian residents for Aadhaar-related services. Checking the status of Aadhaar update makes you aware of whether the update process has been completed or not.

Download Aadhaar Card Online

After the update process completes, UIDAI sends the physical copy of the updated Aadhaar card through the post to the applicant.

If you have not received this copy, you have the option to make a small online payment and get the physical copy of Aadhaar in your hands.

Not only has this, but you can also download the electronic copy of the updated Aadhaar through the UIDAI portal on your screen within a few moments. And the best part is that downloading updated Aadhaar online is completely free of cost.

On the webpage of UIDAI, you will find the Download Aadhaar option using which you can download your updated Aadhaar at the same moment.

Remember the downloaded PDF of the updated Aadhaar will be password-protected for which you are required to input an 8-digit password formed by your initial name and birth year.


Making changes regarding name in Aadhaar Card involves an easier procedure than changing the name in document proofs including PAN card, passport or driving license, and others.

The significance of Aadhaar lies in the fact that it uses as a supporting document for changing names in other document proofs.

In Aadhaar, you are not required to file a sworn affidavit for the claim support. Increasing usage of the Aadhaar card across India shows the importance of the Aadhaar having a surge among Indian individuals. 

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