PNB Parivar: HRMS Login Portal For Staff & Pensioners

Technology has become a deep part of our society. The banking sector has integrated several technologies to provide services to its customers. It has not only become necessary to provide services to the customers but also to provide efficient services to their employees as well.

PNB Parivar HRMS is a great example of how companies are moving towards fully online platforms for their employees as well.

PNB is one of the largest public sector banks in India. It provides financial services to several rural as well as urban sectors of India. PNB considers its employees as a part of its family hence they have coined the name PNB Parivar for the entire PNB employees as well as managing facilities for its employees via the PNB HRMS platform.

Using the PNB Parivar HRMS platform employees can perform various tasks and can check the details about their salaries and other employment-related matters easily from the comfort of their mobile phones or laptops by logging into

PNB HRMS not only provides services to its existing customers but also to retired employees who need to know various details regarding their service.

Services Offered by PNB Parivar

  • Salary slip
  • Pension slip
  • Loan status
  • Nomination application
  • Bank Holiday

Salary Slip

PNB employees can now easily access their salary slips via the online PNB HRMS portal. By using this portal they do not need to visit the account section of the bank. this not only saves the productive time of the employees but also makes them more efficient as they can use their valuable time in providing services for their customers.

Pension Slip

Retired employees of Punjab National Bank can easily access their pension slips from the online portal and the pension slips can be saved on their laptops as well as mobile phones.

In case there is any discrepancy in the pension received from the bank they can easily reach the bank to rectify any mistake that might have occurred in their monthly pension. 

Loan Status

Almost all public sector banks provide loans to employees at very attractive rates. employees can very easily check the status of their EMI as well as their outstanding to know how much they owe to the bank. This can particularly be very useful to ascertain any future expenses or expenditures that the employee might be in the process of incurring.

Nomination application: If an employee has not nominated anyone as his nominee in his documents we can easily get it done via the PNB HRMS portal at the convenience of his home.

Login to PNB Parivar HRMS Portal

In order to avail of all the services, the first step is that you need to login into the PNB Parivar HRMS mobile application for the PNB Parivar HRMS web portal.

If you want to use the PNB HRMS portal via PNB Parivar mobile application you will have to go to Google Play Store on your Android device and search for PNB Parivar and you will have to download that application on your mobile phone.

Similarly, you can log in on the official net banking website of PNB which is now you have to click on the login to HRMS box on the website.

In both cases now you will be asked to enter your user id and password. for employees of PNB bank will need to enter their PF number as their user id and password that they have been provided by your branch.

For retired employees of Punjab National Bank, the login ID will be your provident fund number and the password will be your date of birth in the format of DD-MM-YYYY. 

In case you encounter some trouble while logging into the PNB Parivar HRMS portal you can always go to the portal and go to the help section and mail to the HRMS help team.


With rapid changes in the market, banks are also trying to change rapidly with the changing scenario. In order to keep up with the rapidly changing market, PNB has evolved this HRMS system to help its employees as well as its retired employees.

This not only makes it usually convenient for the employees to accept the details but also saves their precious productive hours.

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