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Bank of India was established as a commercial bank in 1906. Its headquarters are located in Mumbai. Since 1969, it has become a government-owned bank after nationalization. Undoubtedly, the bank is known for its excellent banking services across the country. Employees become able to provide such world-class services using the assistance of the HRMS portal.

Bank of India HRMS Portal

BOI designed the HRMS portal specifically for the employees of the bank including current staff and pensioners. BOI HRMS portal is the Human Resource Management System. It implies that this HRMS portal helps in the automation of employees’ tasks.

Additionally, it assists the bank in fulfilling the needs as well as the requirements of their employees. It is highly recommended for employees gain in-depth knowledge of this portal. It is because it will help them in making effective utilization of the portal.

BOI HRMS portal has the main purpose of effectively managing all employees. Also, the bank introduced a portal for making employee-related tasks easier for the employees. Similarly, the central idea of designing this portal is to attain advancement in:

  • Human capital management
  • Enterprise resource planning

Services Offered by BOI HRMS portal

Besides making tasks easier, this portal offers a vital number of services. The employees can avail of and access the following services on this portal:

  • Account transaction history
  • An applicable pension plan for employees
  • Appraisal and leaves of employees
  • BOI account balance
  • Downloading account statement of BOI account
  • Employee salary and pension slip
  • Gratuity nomination
  • Holiday calendar of BOI
  • Information of medical facilities to employees and reimbursements
  • Provident fund nomination
  • Status of closed or active loan

Who can log in to the BOI HRMS Portal?

Firstly, all BOI employees are eligible to access this portal. These employees can be current or retired staff. Also, this portal is a common HRMS platform for BOI employees all over the country. Besides this, the bank may also grant access to this portal to other people if required.

All the information related to employees is stored on this portal. BOI employees can easily access this information on this portal within a pinch of time. They can use this portal either online or through its mobile app.

How to log in Bank of India HRMS portal?

If you are a BOI employee, you can log in to this portal. However, login requires a username and password as provided by the bank. Employees get these login credentials from their respective managers.

If you are unaware of how to login the HRMS portal, here is the step-by-step procedure:

  • Firstly, open the Bank of India staff website. The website link is
  • Provide the correct Username and Password.
  • Finally, tap on the “Sign In” option. You will direct to the dashboard of your BOI HRMS account.

After completing your tasks, do not forget to log out of your HRMS account. Also, make sure to not save the account password if you are using public or other devices.

How to Reset Password in Case You Forget?

In case you forget the password, BOI provides an uncomplicated process to reset it. Follow the below-mentioned process and get your new password:

  • Visit the BOI staff portal using the link:
  • Click on Forget Password and you will be redirected to a new page.
  • Next is to fill in some necessary information. You need to provide your employee ID and Question ID.
  • Now enter the correct answer to the question.
  • Submit your answer by clicking on the “Submit” option.
  • Now submit your new password and again type it to confirm it.

With this new password, you can log in to the BOI HRMS portal. It is recommended for the employees secure their login credentials. Also, change your password periodically for account security purposes.

Final Words

BOI introduced the HRMS portal for the benefit of employees of the bank. Undoubtedly, this portal assists in improving the quality of their performance. This portal allows access to current and retired employees of the bank.

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