How to Check State Bank of Patiala Complaint Status Online in 2024?

State Bank of Patiala began its operations in the year 1917 during the reign of erstwhile British India. The bank was started with the prime aim to provide credit services to agriculturalists, trade specialists, and other kinds of the economy in the region. The bank’s branches are located majorly in the northern states of India. The bank operated as a subsidiary of the State Bank of Patiala until it was merged with the State Bank of India in the year 2017. 

Once the bank was merged with the State Bank of India, all the operating guidelines were issued to the users from the State Bank of India only. The users of the bank can also make use of all the services offered by the State Bank of India. For instance, one can make use of the banking application provided by the State Bank of India. No matter if the user hadn’t opened his account at any branch of State Bank of India, he can still avail of the services of the bank. 

Types of complaint 

One can find a whole lot of issues while making use of the online banking services provided to the users. The kind of issues one faces with the bank are provided in the form of complaints one can find while making use of the banking services. Some of the most common complaints are listed below. 

  • Cheque Clearing 
  • Prepaid cards 
  • Debit Card 
  • DEMAT Account 
  • Fixed/Recurring Deposit 
  • Insurance 
  • Consumer Loans 
  • Netbanking 
  • Remittance 
  • Cash Deposit Machine 
  • Mutual Funds Investment 
  • NRI 
  • UPI 
  • ATM 
  • Current/Savings Account 
  • Lockers 
  • Credit Card 
  • Mobile Banking 

State Bank of Patiala Complaint Registration Online

  • One has to follow the given steps to register a complaint against the bank. 
  • One has to visit the link
  • The link opens displaying a complaint registration form 
  • The first question put to the user is whether he is a registered user of the bank or not. If the answer is YES, then he has to fill in other details like account number, contact details, etc
  • If the user mentions the answer as NO, then the user need not fill in the account number but he has to mention the other details like contact details and other related information 
  • The user has to select the products or services they face an issue with. 
  • Based on the products/services selected, options are displayed in the type of complaints section 
  • The user can also brief the issue they face in an even more elaborate manner in the comments box. 
  • The user needs to answer a security check question before submitting the complaint registration form with the bank 
  • The user is provided with a complaint registration token 
  • The bank takes about a minimum of 2 to 3 days to process the complaint registered in the bank 

How to Check SBP Complaint Status Online? 

  • To check the status of the complaint, one has to visit the
  • The user has to enter the complaint registration token.
  • The status of the complaint is displayed to the user.

Click here to Check SBI Complaint Status Online

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Can I register my complaint with the bank even if the person is not a registered user of the bank? 

Yes, you can register a complaint even if he is not a registered user. However, you would be required to mention his contact details and other kinds of KYC-related details to authenticate yourself with the bank.

How Can I register a complaint with the bank by visiting an ATM center of the bank?

No. The ATM center of the bank is designated especially for withdrawing cash and checking other banking-related information like balance sheets, mini statements, etc., One cannot register a complaint on the bank at an ATM center. For this, the person has to visit the branch of the bank. 

Is it possible to register a complaint with the bank without mentioning their contact details? 

No. The bank doesn’t encourage any kind of anonymous complaints. Even if not a user of the bank, the person is required to furnish some details about himself to register a complaint with the bank. 

What should the user do if there is no action taken on the complaint registered with the bank? 

The user has to approach the higher officials of the bank. If the higher officials don’t respond as well, then the user has to approach the banking ombudsman for elevating the issue. The banking ombudsman is not related to any single bank, he acts as the regulator of banks in the region allotted to him.

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