Register & Check Jammu Kashmir Bank Complaint Status in 2022

Jammu and Kashmir Bank is the first-ever state-owned bank in the country. The bank was started by the king of Jammu and Kashmir, Maharaja Hari Singh in the year 1938. The bank has a special status outside Jammu and Kashmir. During the time of partition, the bank faced a whole lot of issues relating to cash and other assets.

Few districts fell under Pakistan and on the other side of the Line of Control. 

Jammu and Kashmir are owned partly by the state government of Kashmir and the other assets are held by private shares. The bank holds the status of the universal bank within the region of Jammu and Kashmir. This means that the bank functions in all kinds of verticals possible. The headquarters of the bank is located in Srinagar, Kashmir, India. 

Types of Complaint 

There are a whole lot of complaints a user finds with the banking operations due to the coming in of digital payments and transactions.

Some of the most common types of complaints are listed below. 

  • Remittance 
  • UPI 
  • Debit Card 
  • Cash Deposit Machine 
  • Cheque Clearing 
  • Consumer Loans 
  • Credit Card 
  • Current/Savings Account 
  • DEMAT Account 
  • Netbanking 
  • Fixed/Recurring Deposit 
  • ATM 
  • NRI 
  • Prepaid cards 
  • Insurance 
  • Lockers 
  • Mobile Banking 
  • Mutual Funds Investment

Jammu Kashmir Bank Complaint Registration Online 

Jammu and Kashmir Bank provides an application form online to register complaints. 

  • Visit the following link to raise a complaint online.
  • The first question one needs to answer is the name of the customer 
  • The e-mail address of the user has to be entered in the second question 
  • The third question one needs to answer is the e-mail address of the user 
  • The user has to select the domain under which they would want to register the complaint

The types of domains in the Bank are:

  • General Banking 
  • JKB E-banking 
  • JKB Credit Cards 
  • JKB ATM/Debit Card 
  • JKB Mobile Banking 
  • JKB Point of Sale 
  • JKB Share Dept 
  • JKB Global Debit card, e-commerce 
  • NRI Banking 
  • Investor Relations 
  • NEFT or RTGS Payment Systems 
  • CSC/Khidmat Centre 
  • Seed Capital Fund Scheme 
  • Website 

Based on the domain selected, the user needs to brief the issue he/she faces in the complaint box. One needs to write a minimum of 255 characters. 

The user can submit the complaint registration form by clearing the security check question 

The bank contacts the user based on the contact information provided by the user. 

The user is not provided with any complaint registration token where the user can track the status of the registered complaint with the bank.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How Can I register a complaint online regarding credit card payments? 

There is a specialized column dedicated to registering complaints regarding credit cards. The bank has allocated a person in charge of handling issues related to credit cards alone. Customers generally face a lot of issues with credit cards alone. This is why a separate column is provided for it. 

How do I register complaints online regarding the non-redressal of complaints? 

No. There is no separate application provided online for registering non-redressal of complaints. However, the contact information of all the nodal officers in the region is provided on the website. The users can contact the concerned personnel and register complaint with them. 

Whom should the user contact if the nodal officers don’t respond promptly to their doubts? 

The users can elevate the issue to higher officials like regional officers of the bank. If the regional officers don’t respond well, then the user can register the issue with the banking ombudsman. 

Can I register a complaint in the bank by visiting any bank branch? 

Yes. One can register complaints with the bank by visiting any bank branch. There is a separate counter dedicated to the filing of complaints with the bank. The users will be redirected to those counters as they visit the place.

Is it possible for the users to register a complaint with the bank via post? 

One can write to the nodal officers and the regional officers of the bank. But, there is no such provision where one can download the complaint registration form, take a printout of it, fill in the application, and then send it to the concerned authorities. The user has to send the complaint in a written format.

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