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MIS Haryana (Saksham Haryana Education Portal) access through hryedumis.gov.in. The Employees, Schools, Online Applicants, and Admin Login procedures, as well as methods to reset passwords, can be found here in this article. Read to know more.

The Government of Haryana, with the name DSE MIS Haryana, established the MIS Portal, also recognized as Management Information System, in the education sector. Another option is the Saksham Haryana Education Portal. This portal was created with the goal of providing access to all technology systems to all education officers, instructors, and students.

A management Information System (MIS) is a web-based office management information system that is generally used for decision-making, monitoring, control, coordination, and analysis of all data in an organization. Haryana, a state that promotes and works for improved education for its citizens, has launched this portal to improve services in the state. This portal was created and is maintained by the Haryana government’s education department.

Continue reading to find out more about MIS Haryana (Saksham Haryana Education Portal). All of the login processes, as well as any extra instructions that may be accessible, can be found here in this article.

MIS Portal Haryana for Employees / Teachers and its Details

Haryana’s education department has adopted this initiative for the state’s whole population. Students, employees, and teachers can access the department of education by registering at the official URL cas.hryedumis.gov.in. All students can access this portal at any time to view their assessment tests, academic programs, and other relevant data. This is a scheme that will benefit everyone in Haryana.

Official Websitehryedumis.gov.in
ArticleMIS Haryana Portal Login
Name of StateHaryana, India
DepartmentEducation Department
ModeOnline Portal

Management Information Sector (MIS Portal), also known as MIS Haryana or Saksham Education Portal, is a one-step process and an excellent scheme designed to meet the educational needs of students by allowing them to check their assessments and admissions online, as well as serving management and teachers. Let’s look at the login information and how to get to the website.

How to Register Using Saksham Haryana Education Portal?

These are the procedures you must follow in order to register on the Haryana Mis Portal login page.

  • If this is your first time visiting, go to the official website, hryedumis.gov.in.
  • The many login methods are presented on the home page. You must choose the option about which you want to learn more.
  • As indicated on the page, fill in all required information, such as your name, family member’s name, phone number, and so on.
  • A code, also known as an OTP, is sent to your registered mobile phone number. Simply type your OTP into the given area.
  • Your hryedumis.gov.in account was successfully created in this manner. However, you will need the following documents to complete the Saksham Haryana Education portal registration.

Documents Required for hryedumis.gov.in Registration:

MIS Admin Login

If you are an administrator, follow these procedures to access the MIS portal.

  • To access the MIS Portal Admin Login page, go to http://hryedumis.gov.in/.
  • Click on Admin Login.
  • Username and Password are required fields.
  • Select the Submit button.

You can also use the one-of-a-kind official link to access the Saksham Haryana Education Portal. The official link for admin login is http://cas.hryedumis.gov.in/casdb-1.0.2/login.

MIS Portal Haryana DSE Login Page

Students and professors can log in using their unique Username and Password. The following is a step-by-step guide to using the official website.

  • Open a browser on your phone or computer and input http://hryedumis.gov.in into the address bar.
  • Go to the website.
  • In that window, select Schools and Employees Login.
  • You must enter your username and password.
  • Fill in the captcha code that is provided in the box.
  • Submit the form.

To access the site, simply click on the link provided for schools and employees. The relevant link is http://emp.hryedumis.gov.in/edumissemployee/.

Login for MIS Online Applicants

If you wish to submit an application online, just follow these simple instructions and you’ll be done in no time.

  • http://cas.hryedumis.gov.in/casdb-1.0.2/login.
  • Open the above-mentioned URL.
  • Enter your e-mail address and password.
  • Your application will be submitted once you click Submit.

That’s it; you’ll be taken to your personal page, where you may double-check the information.

MIS Portal Login

Sl.No Type of Users Official Link for Login:

MIS Admin Loginhttp://cas.hryedumis.gov.in/casdb-1.0.2/login
Schools & Employees Loginhttp://emp.hryedumis.gov.in/edumissemployee/
Online Applicants loginhttp://cas.hryedumis.gov.in/casdb-1.0.2/login
Statistics & Reportshttp://hryedumis.gov.in/statistics-and-reports
MIS portal haryana dse login pagehttp://schooleducationharyana.gov.in/
About Online Applications For Admissionshttp://hryedumis.gov.in/online-application/know-about-online-applications-for-admissions

How Do You Recover Your Password at hryedumis.gov.in, the Saksham Haryana Education Portal?

However, there will be times when you forget your password and need to get it back right away. You can recover the password by following these steps:

  • To begin, go to the official website and select the school management information system link.
  • On the home page, look for the login option.
  • After that, enter your user id and select the Forgot Password option.
  • After that, you will be directed to provide your personal phone number.
  • Then select Generate a Password from the drop-down menu.
  • You can view your password using this method

This procedure is the same for all users:

This site contains all of the relevant information, such as Student Assessment Test Results, Academic Monitoring systems, and Management Information, among other things. MIS Haryana Portal (Saksham Haryana Education Portal) is one of the top education portals available, offering a wealth of information to all users in a secure environment.


In today’s article, we learned the different methods to login into the MIS Haryana portal and how to register and change your password. The information provided here is for the user’s convenience so that they may learn more about DSC Login Page Saksham Haryana Education Portal DSE MIS hryedumis.gov.in. Visit this website for more information and content on mis portal forms and logins.

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