How to Check/Track Dena Bank Complaint Status Online

Dena Bank was a government bank in India since 1938. It had 1874 branches across the country. Since April 2019, the bank has been merged with the Bank of Baroda.

The bank offers a number of banking and financial products and services. With excellence in customer service, it welcomes grievances from customers. It is because it helps the bank get better at working on improvement areas.

Register a complaint in Dena Bank

Complaints about Digital Banking:

Complaints other than Digital Banking:

  • Toll-free number: 1800-225-740 (Business hours of Dena bank)
  • Through Email
  • Through post

Customer Service Cell, Dena Corporate Centre,

C-10, G Block, Bandra-Kurla Complex,

Bandra [E]. Mumbai- 400 051

For all types of complaints:

  • Through SMS

Type “DENAHELP” and send it to 56677

(Charges levied as per the mobile operator)

How to Submit a Complaint in Dena Bank?

Through the Dena Bank Website:

  • Visit Dena Bank web portal using link
  • Then click on “Customer Care” and select “Customer Helpdesk”.
  • After that, click on the link for online complaint registration.
  • As we know, Dena Bank has been merged with BOB. Therefore, the BOB website will open for complaint submission.
  • Then select Submit Complaint and fill out the form.
  • At last, enter the correct CAPTCHA as given and then tap on “Submit”.

Consequently, you will get a complaint reference number. Keep this number safe as it will be helpful in the future.

Through Bank Branch:

For this, you need to visit the bank branch and fill out the complaint form.

Dena Bank Complaint Toll-Free Number:

Here, you can call on Dena bank customer service 1800-233-6427 (toll-free).

Grievance Redressal Policy of Dena Bank

After the merger with BOB, it follows BOB’s grievance redressal policy. So here is a glimpse of this policy:

  • Firstly, the complaint is handled at the branch level. The branch manager is the first point of grievance redressal in Dena Bank. For resolution, the branch is provided with a turnaround time of 5 days.
  • If the customer is not satisfied with the resolution, then he/she may escalate the issue to the Regional Manager. This policy provides a time frame of 3 days at the Regional level to issue a response.
  • Further, the customer can approach the Zonal Head/Officer in case of non-satisfaction with the response. Here, only 2 days are provided at the Zonal level to provide resolution.
  • If dissatisfaction still prevails with redressal, the customer may contact the Principal Nodal Officer. Also, the Principal Nodal Officer has to resolve the issue within 1 day.
  • Further, the complaint can escalate to the Banking Ombudsman, RBI. It is applicable when the customer is not satisfied with the response from the bank.

You can get the contact details of these authorities at the bank branch. Also, you can visit the bank’s website or the public domain website of RBI for the same.

How to Check Dena Bank Complaint Status Online?

To check the complaint status in Dena Bank, you need to follow these steps:

  • Open Dena Bank’s website and click on Customer Care. Choose Customer Helpdesk and then click on the link for online Complaint registration.
  • You will see that the BOB website is open. Now select Track Complaints. You need to fill in the complaint reference number. Also, provide your registered mobile number or email ID.
  • Finally, you will get a complaint status after entering the correct CAPTCHA and click on “Submit”.

Offline methods to know complaint status in Dena Bank

Dena Bank Complaint Status Check Toll-Free Number

  • Through customer service: 1800-233-6427
  • At bank branch


In conclusion, Dena Bank offers different ways to lodge complaints. Also, you can track complaint status using the bank’s website, customer center, or bank branch. The bank follows BOB’s grievance redressal policy as per the rules of amalgamation.

FAQs – (Frequently Asked Questions)

Are there any charges levied on lodging complaints in Dena Bank?

No. Dena bank does not charge any fees to register and resolve complaints.

How can I get the contact details of the Principal Nodal Officer of Dena Bank?

You can get these details on the bank’s website. Also, contacting the bank branch will be helpful for the same.

In how many languages, the complaint registration, and tracking form are available?

Dena Bank offers complaint registration and tracking form in English and Hindi.

What is the time period for resolving the complaint at the bank branch level?

To resolve complaints, the branch has a maximum period of 15 business days. In case it requires more time, then it needs to send an interim response to the complainant.

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