3 Ways to Check State Bank of Hyderabad Balance & Mini Statement

State Bank of Hyderabad was started by the Nizams of Hyderabad well before India attained its independence. It was a regional bank having its headquarters in Hyderabad, Telangana, India. The bank was merged with SBI a couple of years back and is regulated by RBI. 

The Mini Statement is the sheet containing the last 5 transactions made using the bank account. Be it credit or debit, every transaction appears in the statement. It is one of the best replacements for passbooks as it doesn’t require any paper and is based online. 

SBH Balance Enquiry & Mini Statement Number

The idea of getting the balance enquiry statement and a mini statement from the bank is by registering the mobile number with the State Bank of Hyderabad (SBH) bank. After one registers the mobile number with the bank, he can follow the below-mentioned steps to get the balance enquiry and mini statement. 

One can register the mobile number via SMS if he/she has an account already. One can also register by filling in the mobile number while drawing an application for opening an account.

  • You need to leave a missed call to the number 09223766666 for a balance enquiry 
  • You need to leave a missed call to the number 09223866666 for a mini statement 

State Bank of Hyderabad Balance Check Number For SMS Alert

The State Bank of Hyderabad provides the provision of SMS alerts to check the balance and mini statement. 

The prerequisites to avail of the balance enquiry and mini statement is that you need to hold an account with the respective bank and your mobile number should be registered with that bank. 

  • Type MSTMT has to be sent to the number 09223866666 in order to get a mini statement on your phone. 
  • Type BAL has to be sent to the number 09223866666 in order to get a balance statement on your phone. 

How to Check SBH Account Balance & Mini Statement Online?

While the SMS method and the missed call method require the customer to just register their mobile number with the bank. There are certain methods to check the balance and mini statement that requires one to have a valid internet connection.

One can make use of the SBH touch mobile application for accessing various banking services offered by the bank. Apart from checking the balance and mini statement, one can also use the application to locate the nearby ATM etc.

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As State Bank of Hyderabad has been merged with State Bank of India, one can make use of SBI YONO Lite in order to access all the customer queries. Right from balance enquiry to SMS alert, any kind of customer need can be satisfied by the bank. 

For using these applications, you need an MPIN that can be obtained from the bank or by sending a message MBSREG to one of the bank registered numbers 9223440000. 

One can also make use of Net banking facilities to access banking services

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is an Internet connection must for balance enquiry and mini statement for State Bank of Hyderabad? 

No. There are methods that don’t require an internet connection at all to check balance and mini statements. They include SMS method, missed call method and checking using the ATM facility. 

Can one approach the bank for balance enquiry? 

This is the traditional method of checking the balance. One can approach the counter for checking balance. In order to view the transaction history, the passbook has to be printed and obtained from the bank. 

Is the application developed by State Bank of Hyderabad user-friendly? 

The application has an interface similar to a website. Anyone can access the application without any doubt.

How to use the mobile phone effectively for bank transactions? 

The number needs to be registered to get regular updates. A mobile phone with an internet connection doesn’t require you to go to the bank often for transaction purposes.

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