4 Ways to Track ICICI Bank Complaint Status

Since 1955, ICICI bank Limited has been Indian multinational bank. It is a public bank offering financial as well as banking services. Moreover, its corporate office is in Mumbai, Maharashtra. And its registered office is in Vadodara, Gujarat. It owns a network of 15,589 ATMs and 5,275 branches across 17 countries.

Also, the bank works on the principle of utmost customer service. It offers a grievance redressal mechanism to resolve all customer complaints.

This article provides a glance at filing a complaint in ICICI Bank. It also explains the process of tracking complaint status online.

Grievance Redressal Mechanism of ICICI Bank

ICICI bank follows a mechanism for resolving customer grievances. This grievance redressal mechanism works on some guiding principles. Moreover, these principles are review, transparency, accessibility, etc.

So, the grievance redressal mechanism of ICICI bank is as follows:

Level 1:

This level involves complaint submission for the first time with the bank. Here, the Branch Head/Branch Manager is responsible to resolve grievances. You can register a complaint in-branch using the website, email, and customer care.

Level 2:

If the resolution fails to meet your expectations, then you may contact Senior Management. Further, you may write to Mr. Subhendu Tripathy- Phone Banking Head. You may either download the form or register a complaint online.

Level 3:

Furthermore, you may escalate your issue to the Principal Nodal Officer. However, you can do this if you are not satisfied with the resolution received at level 2. There are multiple channels provided by the bank to contact the Principal Nodal Officer.

The Principal Nodal Officer

ICICI Bank Ltd

Bandra Kurla Complex

Mumbai 400051

Banking Ombudsman:

If you are dissatisfied with the resolution from the bank, then you may approach the Banking Ombudsman. You can find the contact details of BO at the bank website and branches.

Register a Complaint in ICICI bank

  • Branch

To register a complaint, you may visit the branch and contact the bank executive. Then you should provide your complaint details and register your complaint. After that, the bank executive will provide a complaint reference number.

  • ICICI Bank Complaint Number

You may call on ICICI customer care to raise a complaint. ICICI customer care number is 1860-120-7777. However, it is not available round the clock for raising a complaint. The timings of ICICI customer care is 07:00 am to 09:00 pm.

  • Email

Further, you may write to the ICICI bank for the complaint registration. The email ID to submit a complaint is [email protected]. You may write your grievance mentioning the customer ID/account number. Moreover, you should provide your registered email ID to get better service.

Online Registration of ICICI Bank Complaint

Undoubtedly, ICICI bank is one of the leading banks in India. Furthermore, it offers great customer satisfaction and convenience in all possible ways. One such way is to file a complaint online without visiting the bank.

To file a complaint online in ICICI Bank, you should the following process:

  • Firstly visit the link for online registration of complaint.
  • Then fill in necessary information such as:
    • Product/Service
    • Complaint related to
    • Type of Complaint
  • You have to select a suitable option from the given list.
  • After that, you will see additional details required to fill in. These details are customer name, account number, feedback, etc.
  • At last, tap on Submit and your complaint will be registered. Further, you will get a complaint reference number.

How to Check ICICI Bank Complaint Status Online?

Undoubtedly, ICICI bank offers an interesting way to know about your complaint status. For this, you should visit the bank’s website and click on “Ask iPal”. It is an assistance that resolves customer queries on an instant basis.

  • Firstly you should click on “Ask iPal” and send a query “Company status”.
  • Then you will get a question asking for your service request ID.
  • You should provide your service request ID or complaint reference number.
  • At last, the assistant will provide the current status of your complaint.

Besides, you may use other methods to track the complaint status. Following are the channels for the same:


ICICI bank works in all possible ways to resolve customer grievances. It provides complaint submission as well as tracking of complaint status. For this, you can use multiple channels provided by the bank. Moreover, you may contact ICICI Bank customer care 1800-120-7777 for more assistance.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What type of complaints can you register with the bank if you are a customer?

You may file a complaint in the following areas:
1) Internet/Mobile/NRI banking
2) Debit/ATM/Credit card
3) Current/Demat/Savings account
4) Deposits, insurance, or loans
5) Remittance
6) Fraud transactions
7) Others

What are the charges of filing a complaint in ICICI Bank?

Specifically, ICICI Bank does not charge any fees for filing a complaint.

In general, what information is needed in filing a complaint?

To file a complaint, you should provide the following information:
1) Customer name
2) Account/Application number
3) Product/service of the complaint
4) Type of complaint
5) Feedback/Comments
6) Email ID
7) Mobile Number and Telephone number

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