Lock/Unlock Aadhaar Biometric Data Online [2024]

Many times, you have to provide Aadhaar or other documents as their identity or address proof. Aadhaar has become one of the most frequently utilized identification documents. Everyone knows that Aadhaar mentions crucial information of an individual including demographics and biometrics. Increased utilization of Aadhaar has also enhanced the possibilities of someone misusing your personal information. From this perspective, UIDAI gifted Aadhaar holders with one more provision to lock/unlock the biometrics mentioned in Aadhaar.     

How to Lock/Unlock Aadhaar Biometric Data Online?

UIDAI has not made it mandatory for the Aadhaar holders to lock the biometric data of Aadhaar. It has been offered as a deliberate choice of holders to lock/unlock Aadhaar biometric data. UIDAI has introduced this service with the objective to strengthen the security of Aadhaar holder’s biometric data. It means that if you lock your Aadhaar biometrics, you will not be able to use your iris or fingerprints for authentication purpose.

Lock Aadhaar biometrics will help in protecting the data’s privacy and confidentiality. Increasing online fraud and cyber crimes have boosted UIDAI’s concerns regarding the safety of resident’s personal information on Aadhaar. With locking Aadhaar biometrics, you will be able to prevent potential misuse of your biometrics.

There are two modes using which you can avail of this service.

  1. UIDAI website
  2. mAadhaar App

Use UIDAI Official Website to Lock/Unlock Aadhaar Biometrics

The first and foremost method to lock/unlock your Aadhaar biometric is to visit the official website of UIDAI as under.

Lock Aadhaar Biometrics

  • Go to UIDAI’s portal https://uidai.gov.in/ where you will be able to avail of the “lock/unlock Aadhaar biometrics” service.
  • Click on My Aadhaar locates on the top horizontal blue panel and select the option “Lock/Unlock Biometrics” from the Aadhaar Services section.
  • It will take to a new page wherein you have to agree to the condition mentioning “I understand that after biometric lock enables, I will not perform biometric authentication until I unlock Biometrics”.
  • Select the given icon “Lock/Unlock Biometrics” that will redirect you to a new page.
  • It will initiate the first stage prompting you to log in your Aadhaar account. Enter your 12-digit Aadhaar number and security code displayed on the screen.
  • Two options are available for further proceedings namely Send OTP or Enter TOTP. Select any of the options as per your convenience.
  • On choosing the option, UIDAI will deliver an OTP to your registered mobile number via SMS. Enter correct OTP in the designated field.
  • Click on Login or Submit icon and your biometrics will be locked. Details related to locking date and time will display on the screen indicating the locking of Aadhaar biometrics.

Unlock Aadhaar biometrics

If you desire to remove lock permanently from your Aadhaar biometrics, you have the privilege to avail unlock service. Visiting the website will help you in disabling lock services of Aadhaar biometric data.

  • Visit the UIDAI portal and open the page “Lock/Unlock Aadhaar Biometrics” lying in “Aadhaar Services” section.
  • Login your Aadhaar account by entering your 12 digits Aadhaar number or 16 digits Virtual ID.
  • Enter the security code under “Captcha Verification” section.
  • Enter the “Disable” icon which will unlock your Aadhaar biometrics till you further lock it.

mAadhaar App to Lock/Unlock Aadhaar Biometrics

Using the following guidelines, lock/unlock your Aadhaar biometrics using mAadhaar app:

Lock Aadhaar Biometrics via mAadhaar

mAadhaar is the official UIDAI app using which you can avail some Aadhaar-related services. One of these services is lock/unlock Aadhaar biometric data for security purpose. 

  • Download the app and enter your personal basic information including Aadhaar number to make profile on the app.

(Note: If you are already an active user of mAadhaar app, skip the previous step.)

  • Open the app and locate the three vertical dots lying on top right corner.
  • Out of different options, click on the option “Biometric Settings”.
  • Choose the check box named “Enable Biometric Lock” to lock biometrics.
  • Make sure to tick mark locates on top right corner to save your chosen option.
  • An OTP will deliver to your registered mobile number and auto-fill the OTP section on the app. This app does not provide any facility to enter OTP manually.   
  • It will lock the biometrics permanently till you unlock it for any purpose.
  • After the task approval, your biometrics will be locked which will consume maximum 6 hours for lock activation.

Unlock Aadhaar Biometrics using mAadhaar

  • Open the app and login to your profile.
  • Click on three dots on top right corner and choose “Biometric Settings”.
  • Remove the tick of check box “Enable Biometric Lock” and tick the box on top right corner.
  • It will lead to OTP generation and this will automatically be fed in the OTP field.

After OTP auto-filling, your biometrics will unlock permanently till it gets further locked. It will take up to 6 hours to deactivate the biometric lock. It means that you will be unable to authenticate using Aadhaar for following 6 hours.

Significant points related to Lock/Unlock Aadhaar Biometrics

  • Aadhaar card contains biometric data of an individual including iris and fingerprints. Therefore, this service will lock or unlock biometrics.
  • Aadhaar authentication is used by various agencies such as telecom service providers, banks and others. You cannot complete authentication process using Aadhaar if you use biometric lock.
  • You can have the provision to unlock the biometric data temporarily for the authentication purpose.
  • You can lock or unlock your Aadhaar Biometric data as many times as you want. But it will be highly recommended to not frequently use this service for unnecessary reasons.
  • Using UIDAI’s portal, you can lock your Aadhaar biometric data, unlock it and even disable the lock service.
  • You are not required unlocking the Aadhaar biometrics once you disable the lock facility.
  • OTP is necessary to avail the service of locking or unlocking Aadhaar biometric data. Hence, this makes your mobile number mandatory to be registered with UIDAI in order to avail this service.
  • UIDAI provides this service at free of cost which indicates that locking, unlocking or disabling the biometric lock does not involve any fee.
  • You can use either your Aadhaar number or Virtual ID to lock/unlock biometrics in Aadhaar if using the website. Be it Aadhaar number or Virtual ID, the procedure of locking/unlocking Aadhaar biometrics will remain same.
  • In case you do not have virtual ID, you can generate it by visiting the UIDAI website and selecting “Virtual ID Generator”.


If UIDAI facilitates us with various safety measures for Aadhaar, we should also leave no room for Aadhaar information being stolen or misused by anyone. You become empowered to protect your personal information using these measures. UIDAI has not only bestowed us with many benefits being an Aadhaar holder but also ensures the safe and secured utilization of this essential document.

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