3 Ways to Track Bandhan Bank Complaint Status

Bandhan Bank has been a financial and banking services company in India since 2015. It has a PAN-India presence including 34 states and Union Territories. It has been currently serving over 2.03 crore customers through 4559 banking outlets.

The bank works on various principles through its customer service delivery. One such crucial principle is concern about customers’ well-being.

Moreover, this principle guides the bank to anticipate customers’ grievances and concerns. As a result, the bank created a grievance redressal policy. This bank offers multiple channels to register a complaint.

In this article, we discussed how to lodge a complaint in Bandhan Bank and check the status. It also discussed its grievance redressal mechanism.

How to lodge a Complaint in Bandhan Bank Online?

Bandhan Bank provides an online platform to register a complaint. Therefore, you do not need to go to the bank branch for the same. If you wish to lodge a complaint online, you need to open the bank’s website. The link for the bank’s website is www.bandhanbank.com.  Here is the procedure:

  • At the bottom of the page, click on “Grievance Redressal”. Then you will see a form for grievance submission.
  • Fill in the information correctly as asked in the form. You need to provide your name, address, and contact number. Now select grievance and provide complaint enquiry.
  • Lastly, type the security code as shown on the screen. And then tap “Submit” to complete complaint registration.

You will get a complaint reference number. Make sure to keep this number safe as it will help track complaint status.

Alternate ways to lodge a complaint in Bandhan Bank

If you desire to use other ways to file a complaint, then you can contact Bandhan Bank directly. Moreover, you need to provide your account number or customer ID while registering. Also, the bank never ignores any concern/grievance of customers irrespective of the ways to register.

So, here are the alternative methods for lodging a complaint:

  • Email at [email protected]
  • Call on customer support 1800-258-8181 (toll-free)
  • Fill and submit the complaint form at the bank branch
  • Contact to Branch Head of the respective bank branch

How to Check Bandhan Bank Complaint Status?

When you file a complaint, then you receive a complaint reference number. This number is crucial to track the status of the complaint filed. This status shows whether the resolution of the complaint is completed or under investigation. Therefore, many customers prefer tracking the status of the complaint timely.

The bank understands all customers’ concerns and serves to provide satisfaction. Therefore, to ensure customer satisfaction, it offers convenient ways to check the complaint status. For this, you can use any of the following ways:

  • Customer helpline: 1800-258-8181 (toll-free)
  • Customer care: 033-4409-9090 (tolled)
  • Contact the bank branch in person or telephonically
  • Email at [email protected]

Bandhan Bank Grievance Redressal Mechanism

This mechanism works on the principle of “First Contact Resolution”. It means that efforts should be made at the first point of initial contact to offer complete satisfaction to the complainant.

The mechanism is made up of different levels. It aims at bringing transparency and developing a positive image of the bank. Hence, the bank should always keep this mechanism in place.

So here is the grievance escalation matrix of Bandhan Bank:

Level 1 Branch/Phone Banking Center

Firstly, the customers should contact the bank for immediate resolution. For this, you can fill out a complaint form (on the website or at a bank branch) or write a letter. Then this form or letter needs to be submitted to the bank branch.

Besides, customers may lodge a complaint by email or by calling on a toll-free number. At the bank branch, Branch Head is responsible for complaint resolution in the branch. When complaints are received over telephone or mail, Head Phone Banking Center is responsible to resolve the complaint.

Responsible authorities need to resolve grievances within 7 days. In special cases, this time can be extended to 10 working days. If it requires more time, they should intimate the customer with reasons.

Level 2 Cluster Offices

If the customer gets dissatisfaction, then he/she may escalate the issue to the concerned Cluster Head. The cluster Head should resolve the issue within 10 days from the date of receiving the complaint.

Cluster Head is allowed to take additional time for resolution. But the same should be informed to the complainant for proper reasons.

Level 3 Head Office

In case the customer is dissatisfied with the redressal, then he/she may contact the Head Office. Here, the complaint is directed to the Head-Banking Operations and Customer Service. Also, he/she is the Principal Nodal Officer.

Head Office needs to provide a response within 10 days of getting a complaint.

Level 4 Internal Ombudsman

RBI directs Bandhan Bank to have an Internal Ombudsman to investigate customer complaints. Internal Ombudsman examines complaints of service deficiency nature from the bank’s end.

Level 5 Banking Ombudsman

If the customer does not satisfy with the resolution, then the concerned Banking Ombudsman should be contacted. You can get details of Banking Ombudsman Offices from the bank’s website or branches.

For more details about the grievance redressal policy of Bandhan Bank, you can visit here.


Resolution of customer grievances should always be a priority for every bank. Therefore, Bandhan Bank commits to serving customers with a satisfactory resolution to their complaints. You can register a complaint using a bank’s website, email, or customer support.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

If I desire to file a complaint through email, what information do I need to provide?

In that case, you need to provide your customer ID/account number and grievance details.

What type of complaints does the bank entertain under the grievance redressal mechanism?

Under this system, the bank entertains complaints related to the bank branch or its services or products.

Can I call customer support to file a complaint and check the complaint status?

You can call on toll-free number 1800-258-8181 for the same.

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