[How-to] Change/Update Your Mobile Number in Axis Bank?

You may efficiently change/register your mobile number in Axis Bank using the Online Service. We have detailed instructions on how to update your mobile number in Axis Bank online using internet banking and ATM in this tutorial. In case something goes wrong, the offline method is also included.

How to change your mobile number in Axis Bank?

Axis Bank has launched a new feature that allows users to change their mobile number online, in response to growing customer demand and the Digital India program.  The major reason for changing your Axis Bank mobile number is that your old number has been closed. If your linked mobile number is stolen and you want to get a new SIM card, you can update your mobile number in Axis bank.

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You can receive SMS notifications, check account balances, and register for axis bank online banking, and axis bank mobile banking after changing/updating your mobile number.

How to change mobile number in Axis Bank Online?

Follow the steps given below to change/update your number online in Axis Bank:

  • Navigate to the Axis Bank Internet Banking sign-in page.
  • Login to your internet banking dashboard using your login credentials.
  • Now select Update personal information.
  • Now, select Contact Number from the drop-down menu.
  • After that, click Update and enter your new mobile number.
  • Your OTP will now be sent to your new mobile number.
  • In the given box, type the obtained OTP.
  • You can change your mobile number in Axis Bank by clicking on the Update Mobile Number Button.

How to update your Axis Bank mobile number using an ATM?

Any Axis ATM can now be used to update your axis bank registered mobile number

  • Go to any Axis ATM in your area.
  • Insert your card and enter your PIN for the ATM.
  • Select the Registration Option from the menu selections.
  • How do I change my axis bank phone number?
  • Change your mobile number by selecting the Change Mobile Number option.
  • The message will ask A/C no. X is registered with cellphone 9812345678, do you want to update?
  • From the screen, choose Update.
  • Now, using the ATM keypads, input your new mobile number and select Confirm.
  • On the next screen, confirm your new mobile number by entering it again and selecting the Update option.

How to change your mobile number by visiting Axis bank?

This is the most traditional method of updating a mobile number in Axis Bank, but it has proven to be the most popular among clients in rural and semi-rural areas. The bank, on the other hand, encourages its consumers to use its online services.

Follow the steps given below to change/update your number in Axis Bank:

  • Visit the Helpdesk at your local axis bank branch.
  • Inquire about the KYC updating form.
  • Fill out the form and indicate which information you wish to change. Don’t forget to add your new phone number here.
  • Input your personal information, such as your account number, and sign the document for verification.
  • Send the form to the appropriate desk.
  • Done. Your mobile number has been successfully updated. It may take up to three working days for your new mobile number to be updated in the system.
Toll-Free Number18604195555/18605005555
Update Mobile number for SMS BankingSend ‘UPDATEM’to56161600 or +918691000002
Email[email protected]


This article on how to update your mobile number in Axis Bank demonstrates three different ways to do it. You may update your mobile number in axis bank using internet banking, ATM, and bank branch. If you have any queries or doubts, please leave them in the comments section below.

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