How to Check Bhartiya Mahila Bank Complaint Status Online?

If the user encounters any kind of issue while using the banking services provided, then he can register a complaint with the bank. The process of registering a complaint is different on various platforms.

You can register a complaint in offline mode by filling in an application form provided to the user at the counter but this would require the users to stand in queues. Whereas, the best method is to file the complaint on the Bhartiya Mahila Bank online website so that one can check the status of the complaint without having to wait for hours together in the queue.

What are the types of complaints in the banking system?

The user needs to be aware of the types of complaints and the category of the complaint as they fill in the form designated for registering a complaint with the bank.

These are the common types of complaints a person encounters in a banking system. 

  • Issues while using ATM 
  • Issues while using a banking application 
  • Issues while using the website 
  • Issues while visiting the bank 
  • Lack of proper customer service

Steps to Register a Complaint

The process of registering a complaint with the bank is not very tiring.

Step 1: Visit the Official Website of the bank

One can visit the website of the bank and click on the complaints tab or can simply click on the given link to get redirected to the webpage where one can register their bank-related complaints.

Step 2: Register the type of Complaint

After entering all the required contact details, the user will be required to describe the kind of issue he is facing with the bank. The existing, as well as the new users, can register a complaint with the bank. The user can apply to the bank. 

A token number will be generated for the registered complaint.

Step 3: Check the Status of the Complaint

One can check the status of the registered complaint when the complaint is registered via online mode. 

The user has to visit the given link.

After entering the mobile number and token number, the status of the registered complaint is displayed to the user.

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About Bank:

Bharatiya Mahila Bank was founded in the year 2013. The headquarters of the bank is located in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. The bank was inaugurated by the then Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi. The prime aim of the bank is to encourage a lot of women in banking. The bank was recently merged with the State Bank of India. This created spaces for the bank to provide avenues for its users to make use of all the platforms of SBI. For instance, the users can now make use of the SBI mobile banking application to check the list of transactions made using the bank account. One can make transactions using the SBI YONO Lite application.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is it possible for the users to check the complaint using the net banking credentials?

No. the net banking credentials are provided to the user only for making transactions, checking balances, mini statements, and other banking-related information. One has to register in the complaints section of the bank website to get the complaint noticed and cleared by the bank.

Can I register the complaint in an ATM center? 

No. One can only withdraw cash, check balance statements, and a mini statement in an ATM center. The user can’t register a complaint from an ATM center. One needs to visit the bank in person and get the complaint registered.

Can a non-user of Bharatiya Mahila Bank register a complaint with the bank?

Yes. A non-user of Bharatiya Mahila Bank can register a complaint with the bank. One can also file a complaint if they face issues with the banking website or they try to open a bank account in the bank. If they face any issues with the toll-free number as well, one can register a complaint with the bank.

Is it possible for the users to file a complaint without the registration of their mobile number?

Yes. The users can file a complaint with the bank without registering their mobile number. But when you register your mobile number with the bank, it becomes much easy to check the status of the complaint filed with the bank. One need not keep visiting the site of the bank to know whether the complaint is being processed by the bank or not.

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