How to Check Andhra Bank Complaint Status Online

Track Andhra Bank Complaint Status within 2 minutes from mobile. Just visit this guided article for checking Andhra Bank Complaint Status.

Types of Complaint

There are different types of complaints the customers need to be aware of. To pick the right category under which the complaint falls, it is pertinent to know it. 

  • ATM-related 
  • Banking transaction-related 
  • Banking products related 
  • Internet Banking related 
  • Netbanking related 
  • Bank timings related

How to register a complaint with Andhra Bank?

Gone are those days, when you have to visit the bank in person to file a complaint with the bank.

There are certain steps you need to follow to get your complaint registered with the bank.

Method 1: Visit the bank in person:

In case, you already hold an account with the bank, then you can visit the bank in person and register a complaint with the bank. There is a separate section dedicated to handling complaints.

Method 2: Online Method:

One can make use of the online method to register a complaint using the website of the bank.

Register a Complaint in Andhra Bank?

These are the primary steps you need to follow to register a complaint with the bank 

One has to visit the following link to access the website of bank. 

The three basic questions, one needs to ask the bank are: Whether the person is registered with the bank or not as a user, the name of the customer, and the branch the person would like to complain to.

The user has to enter all the relevant contact information and describe the kind of issue he is facing with the bank. The application can be submitted now. The user is provided with a token number.

How to Check Andhra Bank Complaint Status Online?

Earlier, in offline modes of registering a complaint, the person had no idea as to which stage the application is being held. The online mode of registering complaints however allows the user to check the status of the registered complaint.

The user has to enter the token number to check the status of the registered complaint. Once the token number is submitted, the status is displayed.

About Bank:

Andhra Bank and Corporation Bank were merged with the Union Bank of India. The Andhra Bank commenced its operations in the year 1923 with a capital of about INR 10 lakhs. The seed for the institutionalization of this bank was sown by a famous freedom fighter born in Andhra Pradesh, India. Ever since 1923, the bank has grown in size and the number of branches was not just limited to the region of Andhra Pradesh alone. There are a lot of branches in other southern states of India namely Tamil Nadu, Kerala, etc. The bank has prominence owing to the kind of services it provides in the online domain. 

With the rise in online transactions and the rampant usage of electronic mediums to conduct banking-related services, the number of complaints registered to the bank has grown steadily. One of the best methods to register a complaint with the bank is via the online method. As one can save up a lot of time and don’t waste time standing in queues, it is suggested as one of the best methods. One can also register a complaint by visiting the bank in person. But it is very time-consuming and you need to follow it regularly to know the updates.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is it possible to register a complaint in the bank without having to visit the bank? 

Yes. One can register for complaints online using the website provided to the users. This is possible if the user has an electronic device with a proper internet connection. This is one of the best methods to register a complaint online as it is very easy to follow up on the complaint registered.

Can I make changes to the complaint registered online?

No. As of now, this provision is not provided by Andhra Bank. Before a user makes any complaint online, he/she must check the complaint registered very easily before hitting on the submit button. One can only check the status of the application submitted.

What to do if no action is taken by the bank on the registered complaint?

The user has to wait for about 2 to 3 weeks for the bank to take relevant action on the complaint registered. If there is no proper response from the bank, then the user has to write to the manager of the concerned branch. Even after that proper action is not taken, then he has to write to the bank headquarters. Post that also when there is no action, he has to approach the banking ombudsman.

How Can I register a complaint with the bank if he encounters any issue with the ATM services? 

Yes. The user can write to the bank manager regarding the issues he faces with the ATM services. The proper action would be taken to rectify the issue one encounters at the ATM. 

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