Are There Employment Opportunities After Passing Microsoft MS-900 Certification Exam?


Every day organizations are facing a lot of IT challenges and require skilled professionals to solve them. For this reason, they prefer experts who have proved their skills, for example through gaining certification from a reputable vendor. This mark on your CV list testifies that you can complete the given tasks successfully within a limited time frame. 

If your area of interest is Microsoft 365 cloud services, then passing the Microsoft MS-900, also known as the Microsoft Certifications Fundamentals exam is what you really need. And if you wonder whether it will help you be employed, once you pass it, then you are at the right place. This article will dispel your doubts.

What Skills Does the Exam Test?

Exam MS-900 helps you earn the Microsoft 365 Certified: Fundamentals credential. Although the exam is foundational, it still requires candidates to have learned several concepts on cloud solutions. Cloud models such as SaaS are among the targeted areas that need one to be proficient. First of all, it tests candidates on the concepts of the cloud. They should be able to explain different varieties of cloud services as well as their benefits compared to on-site services. Secondly, the Microsoft Certifications Exams test interrogates whether participants have understood the main content and solutions in Microsoft 365. It incorporates knowledge of the capabilities, deployment, as well as collaboration services of this technology. Next, candidates are examined on security, privacy, and compliance, including trust in Microsoft 365. Finally, this Microsoft exam checks participants on the cost as well as support needed when using Microsoft 365. The purpose of this domain is that organizations cannot adopt a solution before they know what it will cost and what kind of support they require. When you pass this certification exam, it is enough evidence that you have acquired the skills we have mentioned.

Can You Land a Job after Passing It?

Those with interest in the MS-900 certification exam wonder whether it is enough to be hired. Since it is a foundational evaluation, it might seem impossible to get a job. However, that is not the case. The skills it validates are useful to employers in many different ways. For instance, you will be able to explain to potential customers the benefits of adopting the Microsoft 365 cloud service and the SaaS cloud model. Also, you will possess the skills to help them choose the right packages that best solve their IT problems. Further, you will have knowledge of the various pricing as well as billing models. Essentially, with these skills, you can be employed as a marketer of this cloud service for Microsoft. 

Another role that organizations can hire you to perform is cloud administrator. This specialist is engaged in providing support to Microsoft 365 users. Also, you will be responsible for monitoring security along with compliance. Furthermore, the skills this evaluation affirms are key in the adoption and deployment of Microsoft 365. With these few examples, it’s clear that the MS-900 certification exam can connect you to a good job even when you’re a beginner.


In the IT sector, most foundational certificates are just the first step in following the chosen path. Anyway, regarding exam AZ-900, it equips you with the relevant knowledge and skills, thus helping you form a solid base to work with Microsoft 365 cloud service and SaaS cloud model as well. It also makes you visible to potential employers due to the Microsoft 365 certified: Fundamentals credential that you gain after passing the main exam. To sum up, earning a valuable certificate from the IT giant Microsoft will definitely help you get a job. Therefore, the AZ-900 exam is the best test you should kick your cloud-technology-based career with!

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