How to Block Axis Bank ATM / Debit Card From Home

If your Axis Bank ATM card gets lost or stolen, then the cardholder should not wait longer and immediately lodge a complaint about blocking the card for very obvious reasons, to avoid any security crisis. The user can immediately place a call over the toll-free number given by Axis bank else can message the registered code to the respective customer care phone numbers with the request to block the ATM card.

Axis Bank is one of the most leading banks today, so many people have their accounts here, and every day, thousands of users receive their ATm cards. There can be situations when users accidentally lose their ATM cards; subsequently, it is essential to know the way outs to block the lost ATm cards and get rid of any security crisis.

What should I do if I lost my Axis Bank ATM card?

When somebody loses an ATM card, it does bring a lot of difficulties, especially grave concerns regarding security issues. Let’s find out the most important dos and dont’s when somebody loses the ATM card of any bank. Every bank has different security protocols for blocking the card, here we would make a thorough discussion on the steps to secure the ATM card issued by Axis Bank. 

Axis Bank is one of the leading banks in India at this time; they never disappoint their customers. Here goes a quick view of how this bank helps customers to block their ATM cards.

How can I block my Axis Bank Debit Card Online?

Certain norms need to be followed. First, there is a difference between losing the card and handing over the card to someone else. As per the reports and complaints, a lot of times, people make complaints to the managers of Axis Bank to block the card when already most of the money from the account has been debited; in all those cases, it becomes difficult for the bank to block the card and to stop any further transaction, but when the card is unknowingly lost for example pickpocket or snatching case, then the Axis bank can very well do its course of duties.

Block Axis Bank Debit Card [Different Methods]

There go the fastest steps that can surely help the user to block the card

  • The user should not wait for any further delay and should immediately call the customer care department of Axis Bank at 1800 209 5577.
  • It is essential to continue the call with the respective customer care assistant and describe the incident briefly. The customers are advised to be with the assistant until any productive solution comes up.
  • Generally, the assistant asks for a few personal verified information. It is essential to tell of them correctly.
  • Once the security verification gets stopped, the card of the user will be immediately blocked.
  • Nowadays, as most customers give their mobile numbers to the banks, they receive a confirmation message on their phone after the card blocking.
  • At times the account holders of Axis bank use the text message to block their cards by typing BLOCKCARD and then send it directly to 5676782 or +919717000002; things would get quickly solved.
  • Blocking the ATM card of Axis Bank can also be done by logging into the internet banking account of the user; if that is present, the user has to follow these steps- Banking>Services>Debit Cards> Block and Replace.
  • Apart from these technical steps, a user call always reaches out to the branch manager of the respective Axis bank with an adequately described application of blocking the card.

These are the most common, and hassle-free process needs to be followed by the account holder once the ATM card gets lost.

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