How to Block HDFC Bank ATM / Debit Card Online

HDFC bank is one of the leading banks of this time. So, many people have their accounts over here; they do face the trouble of losing their ATM cards. Here at HDFC bank, ATM cards can be blocked by calling the toll-free number, via net banking, or via simple text messages. If you do not know the following steps, then bear two minutes and stay till the end of this article, you would be able to comprehend the process by yourself. 

HDFC bank provides many online services to its customers; the easy accessibility of their accounts from their phones is the most significant achievement they have secured over time. It is true, so many people do work over here, so assisting people in times of need becomes more accessible for the organization to handle easily. HDFC improvised its ways so that people from every part of the country can contact them. Account-holders can contact the respective customer care departments to request blocking their ATM cards via regular text messages, net banking, formal letters, telephonic conversations, and so on; let’s have a quick view of the possible ways outs get immediate access to the bank.

Different Methods to Block HDFC Bank Debit Card


HDFC Bank Debit Card Block by Sending an SMS

  1. The account holder should never forget the given mobile number; the person should memorize it very well as, at the time of the telephonic call, this will be required.
  2. The mobile number should be active so that the bank can send an OTP to this number and that the user can verify it.
  3. Through the verification of the SMS, the process of BLOCKING would be completed.
  4. While messaging for BLOCKING, the following steps must be done- BLOCKCARD<last six digits of the HDFC ATM card number< send it to9223150150.

Block HDFC Bank ATM Card Online

  1. If someone wants to block the ATM card via internet banking and give the password through this method, the card can get BLOCKED.
  2. While trying to block the card through internet banking, the following steps are needed to be done- enter quick access pin/log in with the customer care id and password< tap the menu from the main page< click on to PAY< from the submenu click on to CARDS option < in the new page by selecting the card the person want to block the final process of BLOCKING would get completed.

Hdfc Bank Debit Card Block Customer Care Number

  1. Through the process of a telephonic call, the HDFC ATM card can also get blocked; 
  2. After dialing the respective toll-free HDFC bank number, the person has to press the option of BLOCKING while being on the call, 
  3. The last six digits numbers of the ATM card will be asked for, and after a few personal details verification, the ATM card would be blocked.

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