[How-to] Register/Activate SBI Net Banking @ onlinesbi.com

Being a customer of SBI are you facing trouble with different banking processes. Then now you will have an end to such an irritating system. SBI hereby brings you the best in internet banking facilities.

For this, you don’t need to visit the branch and can do it easily at your own convenience. But previously there was a need to visit the branch for activating the account and submit duly signed formats.

Now it’s all not required as you can do it completely online. It’s the SBI rated to be one of the largest public sector banks for Indian and is offering a good number of facilities through its net banking portal.

Some of these are like checking the account balance, transferring money, activating the ATM card as well as opening a digital saving account or even one can easily request chequebooks and many more. 

How Can You Do It?

For this purpose, You need to register/activate the SBI internet banking facility and do the registration online at www.onlinesbi.com. To do it successfully there will be a need for an SBI ATM card, account number, CIF Number, and Branch code as well as the registered mobile number, CIF, and branch code. If the users are provided with the internet banking pre-printed Kit by the bank branch. You will need not register online as it will already have the user name and password that is created against the user’s credentials.

SBI Net Banking Registration Online

Here come the steps for SBI net banking registration:

  • One can visit the online SBI home page on www.onlinesbi.com and then move to the personal banking section. Then click the new user registration or the activation link. 
  • The pop-ups open and the users need to fill the registration format with details like:-
  • Account number as displayed on the passbook. 
  • The customer information file or the CIF number is available in the passbook or the account statement. 
  • Enter the branch code as it is displayed on your passbook. If you do not know the branch code you may get it online too. 
  • Next, click on the branch code link to retrieve the branch code that is based on the location and branch name. 
  • Select the country that you reside in and enter the mobile number that is registered in your branch. 
  • Select the internet banking facility that you require which are complete or limited transaction rights or view rights. 
  • After submission, enter the OTP that is received on your mobile number. 
  • If you have an ATM card, then you can complete the registration as well as easily activate the internet banking services for the account. Then select the ATM card option and then click submit. But if you don’t have an ATM card, then the internet banking services will be activated by the branch. 
  • The page that is displayed will be available with a temporary user name. Now you will be prompted to create a login password and then on submission, the registration will be complete easily. 
  • After that the user can again move to the SBI online home page and then under the personal banking section, click on Log-in to proceed using the temporary username and password. 
  • In the end, you will be prompted to set your own user name and login password for accessing the SBI net banking facility which is going to be secured in the future. Once it is completed the page will then show the account with details on your username. 

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While registering through internet banking the user will have to view the rights to check the balance or generate the account statement. For obtaining the internet banking transaction right then you will need to contact the bank branch.

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