How to Check Punjab and Sind Bank Complaint Status

Punjab & Sind Bank is a public sector bank in India founded in 1908. It is the owner of more than 1559 branches across the country. It has headquarters in New Delhi. Also, it offers retail banking and finance services.

The bank strives to fulfill customer needs in the best manner. PSB provides the customers a right to lodge a complaint in case of dissatisfaction with any of its services.

File Complaint in Punjab and Sind Bank

PSB offers different options using which customers can file complaints. Customers can file complaints either in written or orally. Following channels can help customers register they’re compliant with the bank:

  • Via E-mail

PSB complaint registration e-mail at [email protected]

  • Through Contact number

PSB contact number for complaints: 23716647, 23718685 & 23716646

  • Via PSB Toll-free number

PSB All-India Toll-free number: 1800-419-8300

  • Through PSB Website

Being a PSB customer, you can visit the website to file a complaint. To lodge a complaint through the website, you need to follow these steps:

  • Firstly, visit the PSB website using the link
  • Go to the bottom of the page and select the Complaints Registration (SPGRS) link.
  • A new page will open containing an online complaint form. You need to fill this form with the correct information.
  • Enter the security code given in the image. And finally, tap on the “Submit” button to complete the complaint registration process.

Grievance Redressal System

PSB introduced a grievance redressal process to ensure that customers get satisfaction with their complaints. The following channels are included in this system:

  • Level 1

Firstly, the complaint is handed over to the Branch Manager of the concerned bank branch. The Branch Manager undertakes immediate redressal to provide satisfactory solutions to customers.

  • Level 2

In the case of unsatisfied redressal, customers may take the matter to the Zonal Manager.

  • Level 3

Further customers can approach the Nodal Officer of the bank. It may arise if the customer still feels that the received response is not satisfactory. PSB appoints a Nodal Officer specifically for handling customer grievances. The customer needs to provide complete information about the complaint to Nodal Officer.

  • Level 4

This level involves approaching the Managing Director or Chairman of the bank. Customer can address their complaint to them when dissatisfied with the response.

  • Level 5

If dissatisfaction still prevails, the customer may take this matter to any of these:

  • District Consumer Forum, under Consumer Protection Act, 1985
  • Office of Banking Ombudsman, State Capital under RBI Ombudsman Scheme 2006
  • Directorate of Public Grievances, Cabinet Secretariat, New Delhi

You can also directly visit the bank and file a complaint. However, it may consume a considerable amount of time. Due to this, most people avoid visiting the bank to lodge complaints.

Time Frame to handle customer complaints

  • Bank undertakes an in-depth analysis of the complaint. It requires sending a response or acknowledgment within 7 days of the complaint receipt.
  • Branches have a time frame of a maximum of 7 days to handle the matter. This time frame initiates from the date of the complaint receipt.
  • Moreover, Zonal Offices have 15 days time limit to handle the complaint. This time limit initiates from the date of receipt of the complaint.
  • In case the bank requires more time to solve the issue, it should intimate the complainant regarding the delay. Now the bank has a maximum of 6 months to offer a response to the complainant.

Punjab and Sind Bank Complaint Status Check Online

Using the PSB website, you can easily track your complaint status. You need to have a complaint number to proceed further. The procedure to track complaint status online is as easy as lodging complaints.

  • Open the PSB website and go to the bottom of the page.
  • Now click on the “Tracking Complaints (SPGRS)” link.
  • You will be redirected to a new page. Fill complaint number, account number, and mobile number.
  • Enter the security code and click on “Submit”.

Your complaint status will be shown on the screen with complete information.

However, you can also check the complaint status through offline channels. You can opt for any of the following channels to get compliant status:

  • Visit the bank branch
  • Dial PSB toll-free number: 1800-419-8300


PSB understands that a customer can be dissatisfied with any service. And that he/she should have the right to complain about the same. To lodge a complaint in PSB, you can either call on the toll-free number or email. There is a grievance redressal mechanism for the same. Further, you can track the complaint status by visiting PSB’s official website.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How can I find the contact details of Branch Managers/Zonal Managers/Nodal Officers of the bank?

You can find these contact details on the notice board at the bank branches. It displays the contact details of the Bank Ombudsman as well. Also, you can visit the PSB website for contact details of Zonal Offices and Nodal Managers.

In what situations, do the complaints in PSB get closed or deemed closed?

The complaint deems to be closed when the customer does not respond to the response received within 15 days or the complainant sends a letter of satisfaction to the bank regarding the complaint.

What do I need to check the status of the complaint registered in PSB?

When you complain, you receive a complaint number. With this complaint number, you can check the status of the complaint by visiting the bank’s website.

What happens when the bank rejects any complaint?

After examination, the bank may decide for partial relief to the complainant or reject the complaint. In such cases, the bank transfers the complaint to Internal Ombudsman for additional examination.

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  1. Respected Sir/Mdm,
    This is in continuation of my trailing Grievances. Sir on tracking my complaint, It has been observed the Remark submitted by ZO “that the complainant himself instructed to close the FDR prematurely but the complainant claim that he was assured by the staff that there will be no loss of interest, As such the complaint is referred to internal Ombudsman.”
    Sir, I submit the following clarification in this regard;
    –May please note the complainant is not HE but SHE aged more than 68 years, and the above remark in itself clarifies that there will
    be No loss of Principal and Interest as well as Assured by Bank.
    –I have never given any instruction to bank staff to close my FDR prematurely, rather I went to the bank branch for the issuance of
    a new FDR amounting to Rs. 500,000/-. Sir although I am a Senior citizen aged more than 68 yrs. at the same time having a sense not to lose my hard-earned money in any manner. Universally there shall be no person who goes to the bank to get lost their money
    by prematurinng its FDR & reissue the same on the same rate of interest.?
    –Lastly, I have never asked Bank staff to issue FDR for the period of 4 years, I always request to issue for 2 yrs. period this may
    also be checked. Moreover, Shalu mdm herself accepted her mistake that she punched hurriedly without checking all the
    Hope this clarifies, I further request you to consider my request earnestly, for any further clarification in case the required bank is always welcome but do justice.


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