Kotak Mahindra Bank RTGS/NEFT Pdf Form Download Online: Fill Form Procedure

Kotak Mahindra Bank provides many digital ways for its customers to access their banking services. RTGS and NEFT services are among them. Therefore, customers of Kotak Mahindra Bank can easily fill the form and can transfer the money to any other bank account. Moreover, two types of services offered by the Kotak Mahindra Banks to transfer funds very fast from one account to another account are Real Time Gross Settlement (RTGS) and National Electronic Funds Transfer (NEFT). NEFT generally preferred for lower to medium range transactions. Whereas, the RTGS is preferred for high-value transactions. 

Kotak Mahindra Bank Money Transaction Timings

Transactions TimingsNEFTRTGS
Monday to Friday8 AM to 6 PM8 AM to 4 PM
Saturday (only for 1st and 3rd)8 AM to 12 PM8 AM to 12 PM

Kotak Mahindra Bank RTGS/NEFT Transfer Limit

  • RTGS
    • Minimum Transfer amount – Rs. 2 Lakhs
    • Maximum Transfer Amount – No Limit
  • NEFT –
    • Minimum Transfer Amount – No Limit
    • Maximum Transfer Amount – Rs. 10 Lakhs

RTGS/NEFT Fund Transfer Charges

  • RTGS Money Transfer
Current AccountOutwardIf done through BranchRs. 2 to 5 Lakhs – Rs. 25 per transactionRs. 5 Lakhs & above – Rs. 50 per transaction If done through Net BankingFree
Saving AccountOutwardIf done through BranchRs. 1 to 5 Lakhs – Rs. 25 per transactionRs. 5 Lakhs & above – Rs. 50 per transaction If done through Mobile & Net BankingFree
  • NEFT Money Transfer
Current AccountOutwardIf done through BranchUp to Rs. 1 Lakhs – Rs. 5 per transactionAbove Rs. 1 Lakhs – Rs. 25 per transaction
Saving AccountOutwardIf done through BranchUpto Rs. 10,000 – Rs. 2.50 per transactionRs. 10001 to 100000 – Rs. 5 per transactionRs. 100001 to 200000 – Rs. 15> 200000 – Rs. 25If done through Mobile & Net BankingFree

How to Download Kotak Mahindra Bank RTGS/NEFT PDF Form Online?

You can download RGS/NEFT form for doing transactions from your account. You can download the same from the official website of the ‘Kotak Mahindra Bank’. For this, you have to follow the following instruction step by step for downloading the RTGS/NEFT form –

  • Firstly, you need to visit the official website of the Kotak Mahindra Bank – https://www.kotak.com.
  • Secondly, scroll down at the bottom of the home page i.e. footer page. There you will see the ‘Download Form’ in the customer service section.
  • On the download form page, now click on the ‘Personal Banking’ Tab.
  • After that, on the personal banking page, there are many tabs like Accounts, Card, Investments, Taxes, Loans but you have to click on the “Others” tab.
  • After clicking on the ‘other’ option, you have to go to the ‘Remittance’ option and now click on the ‘RTGS and NEFT Form’ link.
  • You can download the PDF form and can fill it and submit the form in the bank branch.

How you can fill Kotak Mahindra Bank RTGS/NEFT bank Form?

If you are a customer of Kotak Mahindra Bank and wanted to do RTGS or NEFT transaction then firstly you have to download the form from the official website of the ‘Kotak Mahindra Bank’. After that, you have to fill the form. For this, you have to follow the following instruction step by step for filling the RTGS/NEFT form –

  • Kotak Mahindra Bank has a single form for the RTGS and NEFT transaction.
  • In RTGS form, Remitter have to fill the following details –
    • Remitter Account number (only if the amount is to be debited from the account)
    • Click on option NEFT/RTGS
    • Amount to be send
    • Beneficiary Bank name
    • Beneficiary Bank Branch
    • Remitter bank branch name
    • Beneficiary bank IFSC Code
    • Beneficiary account type
      • Current
      • Savings
      • NRE
      • Overdraft
      • Cash Credits
      • Credits Card
      • Loan
    • Cheque number (only if the amount is paid through the cheque)
  • The next comes the “Customer Acknowledgment” slip. After you will fill the form and submit it you will get the acknowledgment slip. Suppose if the transferred money is delayed then with the help of the UTR mentioned in the acknowledgment slip can be very useful for raising the complaint.


In conclusion, Kotak Mahindra Bank is the private bank and its headquarter is in Mumbai, Maharashtra. This bank was established in 2003. In this article, the procedure for the RTGS/NEFT forms to download, and even from this article, you will able to fill the RTGS and NEFT form. Along with all the discussed information you will also get the Kotak Mahindra Bank RTGS and NEFT timing and charges.

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