How to Check Karnataka Bank Complaint Status Online in 2022

Karnataka Bank aims to provide hassle-free banking services to its customers. If the customer encounters any sort of issue while banking with the bank, then he/she can make use of any of the suggested methods to file a complaint with the bank. 

Types of Complaints 

When using the banking services provided by the bank, the customer encounters a whole lot of issues. Some of the common types of complaints one can find with the bank are listed below. 

  • Remittance 
  • Prepaid cards 
  • Cheque Clearing 
  • UPI 
  • Debit Card 
  • ATM 
  • Cash Deposit Machine 
  • Mobile Banking 
  • Mutual Funds Investment
  • Credit Card 
  • Current/Savings Account 
  • NRI 
  • Netbanking 
  • Consumer Loans 
  • Insurance 
  • Lockers 
  • DEMAT Account 
  • Fixed/Recurring Deposit 

Karnataka Bank Complaint Register Online

Karnataka Bank provides the provision to the customer to register a complaint online. 

The link a person needs to visit to register the complaint link

  • The first question is whether to enter if he/she is an existing customer or not.
  • The second question is to enter the name of the customer.
  • The third question is to enter the e-mail ID of the customer.
  • The fourth question the user needs to answer is to enter the mobile number.
  • The Karnataka Bank Account Number should also be entered by the user.
  • One also has to enter the name of the branch the user finds an issue while using the banking services. 
  • The user has to enter the subject of the issue the user faces with the bank.
  • The grievance details need to be briefed by the customer.
  • After entering the captcha for security check, one needs to enter the submit the complaint registration form.
  • The token number would be provided to the user.

How to Check Karnataka Bank Complaint Status Online?

To check the status of the registered complaint in Karnataka Bank, you need to visit the official website link.

The customer has to enter some details like mobile number, and ticket number to view the status of the application.

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About Bank

Karnataka Bank is one of the largest private sector banks in the country. The bank has been provided A class Scheduled Bank Status. The bank is spread across 22 states and around 2 union territories in the country. The bank has announced a lot of shares for private shareholding. At present, there are more than 1,46,000 shareholders in the bank. The bank’s services are based on, “Your Family Bank Across India”. The bank was first established in Mangaluru, Dakshina Kannada. The bank aims to provide one of the best fintech services in the country. It has partnered with Infosys to provide the best fintech services. 

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Why one should register a complaint using the online method when compared to the other methods?

One can check the status of the complaint registered when the users register a complaint registered using the online complaint registration mechanism. When the customer tries to register a complaint using other methods, then he/she has to wait until the banking personnel tries to contact them. They would not be able to check the status of the complaint.

Whom the users should contact if the complaint registered is not taken into account by the branch officers?

The users should contact the regional office heads if the complaint registered is not taken into account by the branch heads. If the branch heads also don’t respond properly on time, then the user can go ahead with registering a complaint with the head office. If the personnel in the head office also don’t respond properly to the complaint registered, then the user can go ahead with registering a complaint with the banking ombudsman.

Are there other methods of complaint registration regarding debit/credit cards other than the online method?

One can register a complaint with the bank using the SMS method regarding the debit card/credit card. In case, the card has been stolen by anyone, then one can right away block the credit/debit card by sending an SMS from their registered mobile number. The users will not be able to block the card from the number they have not registered with the bank.

Can I register a complaint with the bank regarding the banking personnel?

If the user is not happy with the kind of treatment he/she gets from the banking personnel from the bank, then one can register in the complaint registration form. One can also register complaints if they find any issues with the website of the bank as well.

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