How to Check Jana Small Finance Bank Balance at Any Time?

In this modern era, everyone wants some quick, easy, and simple process for knowing any information. For making the lives of customers easy, Jana Small Finance Bank introduce many services for its customers. Also, for making it simple Jana Small Finance Bank provides a toll-free number, net banking, mobile banking, and many more for checking the available account balance.

Jana Small Finance Bank Balance Enquiry Number

Account-holders of the ‘Jana Small Finance Bank’ can check their bank balance by just giving a call to bank’s toll-free number –

Banking Toll-Free Number – 1800 2080

Customers can call on the above number and then they need to select the language. After that, you can talk to the ‘customer care executive’ of the Jana Small Finance Bank for the bank balance inquiry.

How to Check Bank Balance & Mini Statement using Net Banking?

Customers can access their bank account from the ease and comfort of their home or office. Also, with the 24/7 banking facility, customer can easily check their account balances, transfer balances, view account summary, and many more. Customers just need to visit the official site of the bank and log in using credentials provided by the bank and can access the online bank’s facility.

Checking Bank Balance & Mini Statement via Mobile Banking

Nowadays, applications are very famous among customers. Keeping this point in mind Jana Small Finance Bank also launches a ‘mobile application’ for its customers. This app allows bank customers to access bank accounts from anywhere and anytime. Customers can download the app and check their mini statements and bank balance.

Is there any other way for knowing the account balance and mini statement?

Yes, there are other ways with the help of which you can check the account balance and mini statement too. This procedure is very old i.e. the traditional process such as ATM and using passbook.

  • Passbook: When you open an account in ‘Jana Small Finance Bank’ they will provide you with a passbook. Using that passbook, you can keep the track of your account balance. But, for this, you need to visit the nearest bank branch for updating the passbook.
  • ATM: This is a very common way of knowing the bank balance and mini statement. You just have to visit any ATM, insert your card in the ATM machine then enter your 4-digit ATM pin. Now, you can check your available bank balance along with a mini statement (last 10 transactions). Now only this, you can also change the ATM pin, and also withdraw money from the ATM.


In conclusion, Jana Small Finance Bank’s headquarter is in Bengaluru, India. Similarly, too many banks, this bank also provides many banking features to its customers like net banking, mobile banking, and a toll-free number for checking bank balance inquiry.

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