Jammu Kashmir Bank Credit Card Statement Download Online

Just like other banks, J&K Bank has also switched to a green mode of queries. If you are using the J&K Bank Credit Card you might as well switch to the online mode of viewing your Credit Card Statement.

Here are the most convenient modes of viewing Credit Card Statement Online for the J&K Bank Credit Card.

J&K Credit Card Statement Download Online

Net banking:

This is one of the ways to check the J&K Bank credit card balance online.

Follow the following steps to use net banking:

Step1: Register your credit card with Jammu & Kashmir Bank net banking facility.

Step2:  Your credit card will be directly mapped with your account in case you are an existing customer otherwise you will have to do it manually.

Step3: After registration click on credit cards.

Step4: On the menu, you will find the following options

  • Jammu & Kashmir Bank credit card balance
  • Jammu & Kashmir Bank credit card available balance
  • Jammu & Kashmir Bank credit card balance statement

Step5: Click on Jammu & Kashmir Bank Credit card balance Statement to view the Credit Card statement online.

Get J&K Bank Credit Card Statement Via SMS Alerts

J&K Bank provides customers with SMS alerts after every payment. This way you can monitor your credit card balance anytime after every transaction.

Calling to J&K Bank Customer Service Department

If you are not comfortable with net banking or SMS don’t worry. You can still enquire about the credit card statement online using Jammu & Kashmir Bank credit card balance check number 1800 425 4059.

Simply dial this number, follow the instructions, and get full details of your Credit Card statement online.

Note: ALWAYS Call from the registered mobile number.

Subscribe to Monthly statements on E-mail or SMS

With Jammu & Kashmir Bank you have the option of subscribing to monthly Credit Card Statements either online or via SMS.

Just get your account registered by visiting the branch or calling their Customer Care number and get monthly updates through SMS or email, whichever you prefer.

Use the Mobile App

Download the Jammu & Kashmir Bank’s mobile application on your Android devices by Google Play store and on your iPhone by App store. They have developed the banking app to increase their engagement with their customers.

You can make full use of these apps to perform the banking functions from the comfort of your home. Checking Credit Card statements online is one of those remarkable functions that can be easily performed using the app.

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