Jammu and Kashmir Bank Balance Check by Missed Call Number

Jammu and Kashmir Bank started its operations under Maharaja Hari Singh back in 1938. At present, it is partly private and partly a government bank with the J&K government owning 59% of its shares. Over the years this bank has picked up the pace of Digitalisation and it is now among the leading banks in the country.

It provides an array of services that make banking convenient and effortless. One of the necessary banking services required by consumers is the ability to track account balance and transaction details with your phone. Yes, you read it right, the host of services provided by J&K Bank allows you to get a Mini Statement and Balance update via phone.  Follow the article to dive into the details of ways to check the Balance and Mini Statement by Mobile Phone.

Jammu and Kashmir Bank Balance Enquiry Number

This free-of-cost Balance enquiry service has indeed made banking more convenient by bringing it to your fingertips. But before that, you need to make sure that you are using a mobile number registered to your bank account to make the call.

If you have already registered your number, the job is easy, but in case you haven’t, visit your branch. Ask for a form that will allow you to link a mobile number with your J&K Bank Account.

Now call 18001800234 and press 0 to speak to the customer support executive. They will check your account and let you know your Bank Balance via mobile phone.

Jammu and Kashmir Bank Balance Check via SMS Banking

To know your J&K Bank Balance by regular SMS updates, get your number registered with your Bank account. Also, make sure you choose to receive regular updates via SMS.

By doing so you’ll be able to get regular updates regarding the Balance of your J&K Bank account. Every amount that is debited or credited will be sent to you via SMS along with the remaining balance.

J&K Bank Mini Statement Number

The J&K Bank Mini Statement allows you to view the last five transactions. This is simpler than updating the password after every transaction to know how the figures in your account are changing.

You can get the J&K Bank Mini Statement by calling customer care at 18001800234.

Ways to Check J&K Bank Account Balance & Mini Statement

If you want to check your Mini Statement and Balance by using other modes offered by J&K Bank don’t worry, there are a number of other options.

They are:

  1. Mobile app: Use the mobile app J&K Bank m-pay and Register yourself to know the balance.
  2. Visit www.jkbank.com and access their internet banking services.
  3. Use your J&K Bank ATM and check the mini Statement or do Balance enquiry.
  4. Update your passbook to know the details of previous transactions and current balance.

Toll-Free Numbers of Jammu and Kashmir Customer Care

Other numbers of J&K Bank Customer Support

  • Phone: 0194-2481900
  • Board line Numbers: (+91-0194) 2481930, 2481935
  • ATM Helpdesk: +91-194-2713333
  • Credit Card: 0194-2486424, 2486427, 2486149, 2486151, 2482463
  • Fax: 0194-2481902

If you have any complaints then, you may visit your nearest branch. But before you visit check Jammu and Kashmir Bank Timings and working hours.


To sum it up, J&K Bank has taken a number of steps over the past few years to provide its customers with diverse services. There’s still a long way to go but until then you can use these services to make your banking experience with J&K Bank a little more convenient and better.

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