[How-to] Check ICICI Bank FasTag Balance Online

You can now save time spent at the toll plaza by using the smart FasTag instead of paying in cash. Most of you are aware bout the application and the process to recharge, but are you aware of the different ways to check your FasTag balance? In this article, I will be explaining to you the different ways to check your ICICI Bank FasTag balance.

It is compulsory to pay the toll money at the toll station before entering a national highway. Due to people using cash for making the toll payment, there is a lot of traffic congestion. But thanks to the Government for making FasTag a mandatory toll payment method, to make the traveling experience more seamless and smooth.

What is FasTag?

FasTag is an electronic toll payment system that employs Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) to deduct toll charges automatically as a vehicle moves through the plaza. One wouldn’t have to wait in long lines; instead, you can use the FasTag lane, where toll station operators will read the tag and deduct the acceptable price. While FasTag has recently acquired prominence to its compulsion, you may be aware of how to recharge it, and some may be unaware of how to check the amount. Now let us learn about how to perform a FasTag balance check.

Different Ways to Check ICICI Bank FasTag Balance

If you already have an ICICI bank account, you can check your FasTag balance in a range of methods, which would include website, SMS, using mobile application, and customer care helpline number.

How to Check ICICI Bank FasTag Balance Online

FASTag is available in a lot of banks, where you can apply for a FasTag, recharge, or top-up, and check your balance. Below are the steps you can use to check your ICICI FasTag balance.

  • Visit ICICI Bank’s official website by clicking here.
  • Pick your account type, then navigate to the login page and enter your credentials to access your FasTag account.
  • You can access all of the account details that make up the FasTag balance once you’ve logged into the FasTag portal.

Using the FasTag mobile application, you can check your FASTag balance:

  • Use your credentials to log in to the eToll app.
  • You can see how much money is left in your wallet.
  • To check your Tag Account balance, click on the Tag Account Number and the balance will be visible.

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Check Your ICICI FasTag Balance by SMS

You will receive an SMS every time the toll fee is deducted after registering for the FasTag service. You will also be notified about your FasTag Account balance, low balance updates, toll payment payments, and recharge confirmations.

You can check your FasTag balance by calling a toll-free number: 8010928888 or texting ETCBAL to 5676766 through the Customer Care helpline. The mobile number must be registered with the National Highways Authority of India’s prepaid wallet (NHAI).

ICICI Bank FasTag Balance Check Number

If you are an ICICI Bank FasTag customer, send an SMS or make a missed call from your registered mobile number to <801092888>.

Make sure you apply for a FasTag today if you haven’t already. You can also apply for a FasTag through ICICI Bank, where you can use a specific eToll by ICICI Bank mobile app to recharge, check your balance, and get additional information.

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