[PDF] Download Federal Bank RTGS/NEFT Form Online (2022)

Download Federal Bank RTGS/NEFT Pdf Form: Rather than going to the bank, you can initiate RTGS/NEFT transactions by sitting at home. However, for this, you need to register for internet or mobile banking. It means that Federal Bank internet and mobile banking offers a fund transfer facility.

FedNet: It offers quicker and more secure fund transfers between branches and banks. Services such as IMPS, RTGS, or NEFT are available on FedNet. However, you should register beneficiary or payee information prior to the fund transfer.

FedMobile: It provides fund transfer facilities such as UPI, NEFT, or IMPS. But you need to submit payee information with the bank to initiate a fund transfer.

Fund Transfer System

The bank provides a system for inter-bank and inter-branch fund transfer services. Moreover, this system is comprised mainly of RTGS, NEFT, or IMPS.

  • RTGS stands for Real-Time Gross Settlement
  • NEFT stands for National Electronic Fund Transfer


  • In general, RTGS operates on all working days including Mondays to Saturdays. However, it does not operate on the 2nd and 4th Saturdays of the month. Through the branch, it is available during business hours. But through FedNet, it works from 07:00 am to 06:00 pm.
  • Moreover, the bank provides NEFT facilities uninterruptedly throughout the year. With effect from December 16th, 2019, you can use NEFT 24×7 for 365 days.

Transaction Limit

  • RTGS: Minimum transaction limit is INR 2 lakhs while there is no maximum limit.
  • NEFT: No upper or lower limit. But for cash remittances, the maximum limit is INR 50,000 per transaction.

Service Charges

  • No charges on RTGS or NEFT when done through digital channels (FedNet & FedMobile).
  • Charges through the bank branch are as follows
Amount bandCharges per transaction
Customer inward transactionFree
Customer outward transaction
Rs. 2 lakhs to Rs. 5 lakhsRs. 20.00
More than Rs. 5 lakhsRs. 45.00
Customer inward transactionFree
Customer outward transaction
Till Rs. 10,000Rs. 02.00
Rs. 10,001 to Rs. 100,000Rs. 04.00
Rs. 100,001 to Rs. 2 lakhsRs. 14.00
More than Rs. 2 lakhsRs. 20.00

Download Federal Bank RTGS/NEFT Pdf Form Online

You can easily download RTGS/NEFT form through Federal Bank’s website. Here, you can get different application forms. Firstly you need to open the Federal Bank’s web portal. Then follow these steps:

  • At the bottom of the page, you will see a section on Useful Links. Now select “Forms & Stationery”.
  • After that, a list of application forms will open. Then choose “Pay-in-Slips for DD/AWB/NEFT/RTGS Transactions”.
  • Now click on the PDF icon and you will get the downloaded form.

Moreover, you can visit other websites to download the Federal Bank RTGS/NEFT form. You need to open your search browser and type “Federal Bank RTGS/NEFT form”. After that, you will get numerous website options. Open any website and download the form.

How to Fill Federal Bank RTGS/NEFT Form?

When you fill out the bank’s RTGS/NEFT form, you will see different sections of the form. Firstly, the form has two parts-one for customer use and another for the bank. If you wish to fill this form without any error, then follow this procedure:

  • Firstly, you need to select fund transfer mode in the form. This form is used to transfer funds through RTGS, DD, AWB, NEFT, or PO.
  • Now fill in complete information about the beneficiary, remitter, and fund transfer.
  • After that, sign the form in the designated field. There is a section mentioning “For Office Use Only” that you need to leave. It is because the bank should fill this section.
  • If you are paying with a cheque, then cheque details will be entered in the form. But, in the case of the cash deposit, the bank executive fills cash details.
  • At last, sign the form again and submit the form to the bank. Also, you will need to pay charges for the fund transfer as per bank service charges.

Click Here to Download SBI RTGS/NEFT PDF Form Online

About Bank:

Federal Bank is a scheduled commercial bank in the Indian private sector. Since 1931, it serves millions of customers through excellent financial and banking services. Also, its headquarters are in Aluva, Kochi. Moreover, it has foreign representative offices in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. As per the claims, Federal Bank handles about 15% of the total inward remittances in India.

On this blog, you may also get Axis, ICICI, Canara, Yes Bank, and many more RTGS/NEFT pdf forms.


To sum up, Federal Bank is the first Indian bank to offer RTGS service across its branches. Since then, the bank is providing secure and economic fund transfer services such as RTGS, IMPS, and NEFT.

In case of any issue, you can contact the bank executive for assistance.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What beneficiary information is needed for RTGS/NEFT transactions?

For RTGS or NEFT, you need to provide the following beneficiary information:
1) Beneficiary’s name and address
2) Account number of the beneficiary
3) Bank and branch of the beneficiary
4) Beneficiary bank’s IFSC code

Is it necessary for both the remitter and beneficiary to have bank accounts for RTGS/NEFT?

Yes, both the beneficiary and remitter should have a bank account. It is because RTGS or NEFT is a fund transfer process involving two bank accounts. However, bank accounts can be in the same bank or different banks.

Do RTGS or NEFT provide foreign remittance facilities?

No, RTGS or NEFT is possible for domestic remittance only. You can use SWIFT or other modes to make foreign remittances.

Is it possible to stop NEFT payment once it is initiated?

If the transaction is done using a scheduled payment mode, then you can stop the payment.

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