How to Check City Union Bank Complaint Status Online

Since 1904, City Union Bank has been a public sector bank in India. CUB is a pioneer in banking and financial services through technology. Moreover, it has over 1762 ATMs and 700 branches across the country. Also, it provides wide products related to deposits, loans, and savings.

This article discusses the online and offline registration process of complaints in CUB. Also, it mentions the grievance redressal mechanism of the bank.

Register a Complaint in City Union Bank Online

Undoubtedly, CUB works with the aim of offering world-class services to customers. Therefore, it introduced an online platform to register a complaint.

But first, you need to visit the bank’s website. After that, follow this procedure to file a complaint online:

  • Firstly, you should go to the link for complaint registration. Then fill in all the personal and complaint information.
  • Now select whether you are an existing customer or a noncustomer.
    • If you are an existing customer, then enter your account number. Besides, provide your name, email, mobile number, and branch. Also, mention your complaint type, subject, and complaint details.
    • If you are a noncustomer, then fill in your name, mobile number, and email. Now enter complete details of the complaint.
  • After that, click on “Submit” and there will be the registration of the complaint. At last, you will get a complaint reference number.

Alternate ways to register a complaint

You can choose alternate ways to file a complaint in CUB. Also, these ways are less time-consuming and easy. To register a complaint, you can use either of the following ways:

How to Check City Union Bank Complaint Status Online?

CUB website provides a facility for customers to track complaint status. However, you can check the complaint status with a complaint reference number. The status will show whether the complaint is under investigation or has been resolved.

  • So, you should visit the link first to check the status. Then enter the complaint reference number you received after complaint submission.
  • Now provide your mobile number. However, make sure the mobile number is registered with the bank.
  • Then enter the CAPTCHA. At last, click on Search and you will get the status.

Grievance Redressal System of City Union Bank

If you are not satisfied with any service, then you can complain to the bank. With the grievance redressal system, CUB provides a complaint registration platform to customers. Moreover, this mechanism guides the bank to offer satisfactory redressal to customers.

Level I

Grievance redressal initiates at the bank level. If you feel dissatisfaction with any services, then you have to first contact the bank. Moreover, you can register a complaint through customer support or the bank’s website.

Further, the bank should analyze the complaint from the right perspective and from all angles. Here, the branch manager is responsible to handle grievances.

However, specific time schedules have been assigned to the branch manager for different complaints:

Type of complaintTime frame
Advance complaints30 days
Deposit complaints30 days
Complaints of bank services20 days
Service charges15 days
Safe deposit lockers15 days
Cheques/Drafts/Bills15 days
Cash handling15 days
ATM complaints7 days
Other complaints15 days

Level II

If you are dissatisfied with level I redressal, then you can escalate your issue to a higher authority. This level provides grievance resolution by the Grievance Officer. You need to contact the Grievance Officer providing a reference number.

Also, you can get the contact details of the Grievance Officer here.

Level III

It is the final level of complaint escalation in the CUB grievance redressal system. However, you can go to this level when level III resolution does not meet your expectations. At this level, you need to contact the Principal Officer for resolution.

The Principal Officer is responsible to handle complaints that remain unsolved at previous levels. However, you should provide the entire complaint details to the Principal Officer. Moreover, you may write, send an email or contact the Principal Officer.

Contact Details of City Union Bank Customer Care

Contact details of the Principal Officer


Shri. K. Maharajan

General Manager, Inspection Vigilance and Audit,

City Union Bank Ltd.,

No.24 B, Gandhi Nagar,


Fax: 0435-2431746

Contact number: 0435-2402322

Email: [email protected]

Level IV

At last, you may write to the Banking Ombudsman, in case of failure of grievance redressal by the Principal Officer.

The Banking Ombudsman appoints by the RBI under the Banking Ombudsman Scheme 2006. Also, you can find details of the Banking Ombudsman from the bank branch. Moreover, you may visit the RBI website for the contact details.


For CUB, excellence in customer service is the most crucial tool for competitive advantage. Therefore, complaint submission is an easy process in CUB. You may contact the bank through customer care or the website to file a complaint. Moreover, you can track the complaint status online using the reference number.


What to do if an ATM transaction to other bank ATMs is failed where the amount is debited?

In that case, one should submit a complaint at the earliest with the card issuing bank. However, it is applicable when a transaction is done at another bank’s ATM.

How can I lodge a complaint in City Union Bank?

You may call on customer care (044-7122-5000) or send an email to Moreover, you can use the bank’s website to file the complaint online.

Do I need to pay any charge to submit a complaint or after resolution?

No. CUB provides grievance redressal service to customers free of cost.

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