How Much CIBIL Score Required for Credit Card

You may have heard the term “CIBIL Score” many times required for credit card application. This article throws light on the minimum CIBIL score required for a credit card as well as the benefits of a credit card with a good score.minimum cibil score required for credit card

Minimum CIBIL score requirements for credit cards may slightly differ from bank to bank. A good CIBIL score can get you instant approvals for your credit card application.

Your good score represents your reliability of credit, the maintenance of ideal credit history along with the management capability of credits.

Minimum CIBIL Score Required for Credit Card

To apply for credit cards, the ideal CIBIL score has been set up at 750 or above. It means that you become eligible for getting a credit card from top companies when achieved 750 or more CIBIL scores.

Nevertheless, having a lower CIBIL score or no credit history does not prevent the banks from credit card approval.

The only difference you can feel is higher CIBIL score bestows you with more benefits and privileges. People with lower scores involve higher credit risk, credit cards with a lower credit limit, and higher interest rates. They get lesser benefits because credit cards involve unsecured funds lent to people.

Remember that 750 or above is an excellent CIBIL score for credit card approval. But, a score between 700 and 750 also consider a good score in the credit card context.   

Advantages of Credit Card with Good Score

If you attain the ideal CIBIL score, you will become able to enjoy certain benefits. Let us view the list of benefits associated with a good score:

  • Increment in credit limit
  • Convenient approval of credit card
  • Eligibility to own the credit card of top companies
  • Additional power of negotiating the interest rate on credit card
  • Availability of credit cards at a lower interest rate


If you want to enjoy excellent offers on credit cards, you should maintain an ideal CIBIL score. In the context of credit cards, a good CIBIL score considers 750 and above. Always remember that credit score and CIBIL score are two non-identical terms in the world of banking and credit. 

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