Bandhan Bank Balance Enquiry Number – Mini Statement Via Missed Call Alert

Bandhan Bank is a private sector bank of India having headquarters at Kolkata. It is a new bank established in 2015 with more than 4,559 banking outlets across India. Indeed it serves more than 2.1 crore customers with its plethora of banking services. Bank delivers great convenience to customers with the facility of balance check and mini statement on fingertips.

Bandhan Bank Balance Enquiry & Mini Statement Missed Call Number

Bandhan Bank offers you straightforward methods to get balance details and mini statements. Undoubtedly these methods are less time consuming and less complicated. Bandhan bank has evolved with increased digitization. As a result, it provides a digital platform for balance enquiry and mini statements.

Missed Call Number for Balance Enquiry

Bandhan Bank offers a new service as missed call banking for registered mobile numbers. In this case, you need to just give a missed call to Bandhan Bank missed call number. Furthermore, you will get an SMS providing your balance details or mini statement as requested.

So here is Bandhan Bank Missed Call numbers for balance enquiry and the mini statement:

  • 9223008666 (for a balance enquiry)
  • 9223008777 (for mini statement)

In the case of multiple accounts, make sure you set your desired account as the primary account. Therefore, send an SMS to 9223011000 in the format: SETPRIME [Account number].

Get an SMS alert of Account Balance

As a part of digital banking, Bandhan Bank SMS banking enables you to check the bank account instantly. Without a doubt, this method is simple as well as rapid. Moreover, you can use SMS banking anytime 24x7x365. Also, you do no nee having active data services to get balance and mini statement through SMS banking. Here is how to use SMS banking for balance enquiry and mini statement:

Firstly, type an SMS and then send it to 9223011000

SMS Format:

  • Balance Enquiry: BAL [Account number]
  • Mini statement: MINI [Account number]

As a result, you will receive an SMS containing either your balance information or a mini statement as per your request.

Know Your Account Balance Via Mobile Banking

Bandhan Bank welcomes you in the world of convenience through mobile banking. Now, you can avail of online banking benefits without a computer system. You can use Bandhan Bank mobile banking offers you anytime and anywhere banking.

mBandhan is a user-friendly and secures mobile application for banking on your mobile. This mobile app is compatible with all types of smartphone whether Android or iOS.

  • Firstly, you need to download mBandhan app on your smartphone.
  • Log in to your profile using credentials as provided by the bank.
  • Lastly, go to the Account summary section where you will find balance and mini statement.

Check Your Account Balance Online

Bandhan Bank Net Banking aims at saving valuable money and time for customers. Net banking considers a convenient way of banking at your comfort.

Of course, it is a one-stop solution for all the banking needs of customers. Now you can have absolute control over your Bandhan Bank account transactions using this internet banking.

  • Importantly, you need to use credentials to log in to your internet banking account.
  • You can use internet banking services any time in a secure manner.

Internet banking comes with certain features such as fund transfer, balance check, mini statement, and other services of banking. With e-statement, you can check your account balance as well as a summary of recent transactions.


In conclusion, it can be said that Bandhan bank has achieved a great position within a few years of establishment. Bandhan Bank offers you Missed Call, SMS banking, Internet banking, and mobile banking for balance enquiry and mini statement.

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